According to the information compiled from the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Turkey’s exports increased by 2.5 percent in the first quarter to 61.6 billion dollars. This figure was recorded as the highest January-March period exports of all time.

In the first quarter, exports on the basis of provinces (excluding exports from free zones) decreased by 1.5 percent to 54.3 billion dollars due to the effect of the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes. 28 out of 81 cities recorded an increase and 53 a decrease. In 3 cities, the decrease was below 1 percent.

9 provinces’ exports exceeded 1 billion dollars

In the January-March period, the export sales of 9 provinces exceeded 1 billion dollars, and the exports of 28 cities exceeded 100 million dollars.

In this period, the highest export was made from Istanbul with 24 billion 446 million dollars (an increase of 1.7 percent). Megakent received a share of 45 percent from the exports made on the basis of provinces.

Istanbul with 4.55 billion dollars, Kocaeli with approximately 4 billion dollars, Bursa with approximately 4 billion dollars, İzmir with 3.6 billion dollars, Ankara with 2.7 billion dollars, Gaziantep with 2.23 billion dollars, Sakarya with 1.4 billion dollars and 1.3 billion dollars. Manisa and Denizli followed with 1.07 billion dollars.

Hatay, Mersin, Konya, Kayseri, Adana, Antalya, Kahramanmaraş, Tekirdağ, Samsun, Mardin, Eskişehir, Trabzon, Aydın, Balıkesir, Çorum, Şırnak and Muğla were among the provinces with exports of over 100 million dollars in the said period.

Exports increased mostly in Tunceli and Muş.

The highest increase in exports in the first quarter was in Tunceli with 565 percent. Tunceli’s exports rose to 822 thousand dollars.

Tunceli was followed by Muş ($1.8 million) with 561 percent and Adıyaman ($26.3 million) with 55.7 percent.

Export growth in the first quarter was 40.5 percent in Van, 39.1 percent in Balıkesir, 32.9 percent in Sinop, 24.1 percent in Trabzon, 19.1 percent in Kırklareli, 18 percent in Karaman, 6, 18.3 percent in Yozgat, 17.6 percent in Tekirdağ, 16.7 percent in Bartın, 15.6 percent in Eskişehir, 14.9 percent in Çanakkale, 13.2 percent in Muğla took place as

The biggest decrease in exports is in Bayburt and Yalova

Among the provinces whose exports fell, Bayburt took the lead with 83 percent. Bayburt’s exports decreased to 9.4 thousand dollars.

Bayburt was followed by Yalova (18.1 million dollars) with 78 percent and Kırıkkale (1.5 million dollars) with 71 percent.

The decrease in exports was 57.6 percent in Bingöl, 54.8 percent in Kastamonu, 51.3 percent in Osmaniye, 48.6 percent in Zonguldak, 47.5 percent in Bitlis and 46.8 percent in Ağrı. took place.

A decrease in exports was recorded in cities other than Adıyaman and Diyarbakır, which are among the 11 provinces affected by the earthquake.

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