The process of placing 170 kilometers of pipes that will carry Black Sea gas to land on the seabed has been completed. The discovery of 710 billion cubic meters with a total market value of 1 trillion dollars will significantly reduce Turkey’s dependence on foreign energy.

It will land on April 20.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “Hopefully, our Black Sea gas will be activated on April 20. We will light the fire of the Black Sea gas in Filyos on April 20. Then Turkey will start using its domestic gas.” He proclaimed the gospel with his words.

The gas extracted from the Sakarya gas field will be brought to the Filyos Processing Facility with a 170-kilometer pipeline and burned with a ceremony.

At the first stage, 10 million cubic meters of natural gas will be used in domestic gas. In the second phase, 40 million cubic meters of gas will be made available to the citizens.

Turkey’s annual natural gas consumption is around 55-60 billion cubic meters. The target is to meet 30 percent of the gas used from the Black Sea field by 2026. Thus, it is expected that foreign dependency in energy will decrease significantly. Domestic gas participating in the system is expected to further strengthen Turkey’s hand in natural gas import contracts.

“We will be able to meet all the gas used in residences”

Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, said, “We will now press the gas produced by our national organization, coming from national sources, into the system.” he said:

It may not meet all of our needs in the first tap, but it will meet our needs at the level of 25-30 percent. We often say that Turkey will be able to meet all of the natural gas used in residences from this reserve in the Black Sea, from this source. We will leave a very valuable gift to children and young people. Because when we inaugurate that day on April 20, we will have held the National Sovereignty Children’s Day on April 23, 2-3 days before. Hopefully, we will entrust this resource to our children and youth, in other words, to our future.

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