TÜRKPATENT’s multi-faceted efforts on trademark, design and their registration were also reflected in the figures.

The number of trademark applications reached 212 thousand 636 last year, of which 197 thousand 235 were domestic and 15 thousand 401 foreign. The increase in total trademark applications reached 11 percent compared to the previous year.

Especially the increase in domestic trademark applications drew attention. Domestic trademark applications, which made up 93 percent of the total applications last year, increased by 12 percent compared to the previous year.

It was observed that 90 percent of the trademarks registered by TÜRKPATENT during the said period belonged to domestic companies and real persons.

Last year, the number of domestic trademark registrations was 140 thousand 65 and the number of foreign trademark registrations was 16 thousand 575. Thus, the total number of trademark registrations increased by 21 percent to 156 thousand 640.

International trademark applications also increased

According to the data of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), 2 thousand 389 international trademark applications were made from Turkey to the organization in 2022 under the Madrid Protocol. Turkey surpassed Australia in international trademark applications, where there was a 5% increase compared to 2021, and rose to 9th place.

The province that stood out the most in branding was Istanbul with 84 thousand 896 applications and 63 thousand 39 registrations. Ankara followed this city with 16 thousand 101 applications, 11 thousand 470 registrations and İzmir with 12 thousand 963 applications and 9 thousand 68 registrations.

Design applications increased by 28 percent year-on-year

In addition to the brands, the increase in design applications also drew attention.

Last year, 93 percent of the total design applications were made by domestic applicants. With an increase of 32 percent compared to the previous year, the number of domestic design applications amounted to 78 thousand 268.

On the other hand, 5,839 design applications were made to TÜRKPATENT on behalf of foreign applicants last year. Thus, the total number of design applications increased by 28 percent compared to 2021, reaching 84,107.

While 92 percent of the designs registered by TURKPATENT in 2022 were signed by local companies and individuals, the number of domestic design registrations increased by 32 percent in this period compared to the previous year and reached 58,358.

In the same period, TÜRKPATENT registered 5,269 foreign-sourced designs. Thus, the total number of design registrations increased by 27 percent compared to 2021 and reached 63 thousand 627.

As in other types of industrial property, Istanbul took the lead in the field of design. Bursa, Kayseri, Ankara and Gaziantep followed this province, respectively.

Versatile steps were taken in branding and design

In addition to its trademark registration activities, the institution carries out activities aimed at improving the legislation, processes and practices in this field, closely following international developments and increasing brand awareness in the public.

In line with the goal of increasing the quality of brand decisions, the decisions taken by international organizations and court decisions are constantly and carefully followed through the databases of which we are members.

TÜRKPATENT also aims to create and protect designs that are sensitive to people and the environment, with high added value, to make Turkey’s designs and designers able to compete with the world in a sustainable way, to spread the “Turkish Design” identity, and to make Turkish designers and designs preferable in the world market. continues its work.

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