The way of reconciliation, which ensures the collection of public receivables in a short time, also reduces the costs and bureaucratic procedures that the taxpayer will bear in the judicial process.

According to the data of the Revenue Administration (GIB), 37 thousand 940 file applications were made for reconciliation after the tax assessment last year, while a compromise was reached in 36 thousand 321 of them.

221 million 973 thousand 195 liras became the subject of tax reconciliation

Within the scope of the aforementioned files, 221 million 973 thousand 195 liras became the subject of tax reconciliation. As a result of the reconciliation, the tax amount was determined as 214 million 851 thousand 945 liras.

The penalty of 385 million 115 thousand 68 liras, which arose due to non-payment of the said taxes, was evaluated within the scope of reconciliation and became 66 million 239 thousand 970 liras. Thus, the taxpayers got rid of the penalty of approximately 319 million liras by reconciliation.

In the same period, the special irregularity penalty, which was the subject of a settlement of approximately 117 million liras, was reduced to 21 million liras as a result of the settlement. Penalties for irregularities decreased from 581 thousand liras to 112 thousand liras as a result of reconciliation.

Tax evaders could not escape the pursuit of the Finance

On the other hand, tax evaders were caught in the lens of the Finance teams.

A total of 2 thousand 631 tax inspection reports were prepared in 2022 by the tax office directorates of 81 provinces of the GİB. The tax base difference of 390 million 84 thousand 748 liras and a tax difference of 132 million 919 thousand 454 liras were found with the inspection reports prepared within the scope of the tax inspections carried out before 1764 taxpayers during the year.

A tax assessment of 95 million 517 thousand 373 liras was made on the basis of the base difference found.

As a result of the examinations, the taxpayers in question were fined 503 thousand 983 liras for irregularity, 17 million 993 thousand 208 liras for special irregularities, and 107 million 441 thousand 396 liras for tax loss.

Of the tax loss penalties, 143.6 million liras were value added tax, 8.5 million liras was temporary tax, 8.3 million liras was corporate tax, and 8 million liras was income tax.

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