According to the statement made by the Ministry of Commerce, Customs Enforcement teams uncovered interesting methods tried by smugglers at the Habur Customs Gate.

In this context, the person who tried to pass the latest model mobile phone strapped to his chest by hiding it from the customs control was caught.

In another operation, it was found that electronic cigarettes were hidden in the stuffing of women’s underwear in a passenger’s suitcase.

During the searches carried out by the teams, it was determined that the latest model mobile phones were hidden in the soles of another passenger’s shoes.

While it was seen that a passenger was trying to get his mobile phones wrapped in sponges through customs, hidden mobile phones were found on another passenger.

Car headlights, picnic tubes, kitchen tools and a large number of electronic cigarettes hidden in the jar were seized by the teams that continued their control activities. On the other hand, it was revealed that some passengers were hiding cigarettes in tea packs.

Preventing the country from experiencing economic losses

According to the statement, Customs Enforcement teams detect unusual smuggling methods and prevent the country from experiencing economic losses.

During the operations carried out by the teams at the Habur Customs Gate, 3,426 mobile phones worth 32 million liras, 170 thousand 177 packs of cigarettes worth 5.5 million liras and 10 thousand 219 electronic cigarettes and their accessories worth 4 million liras were seized since the beginning of this year. .

A total of 280 million Turkish liras worth of smuggled goods have been seized by the Customs Enforcement teams since the beginning of 2023, together with other seizures.

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