In his written statement, Minister Yanık noted that the amount of support provided from July 2022, the beginning of the Turkey Family Support Program, to March 2023, exceeded 26.1 billion liras.

Indicating that a total of 3.4 million households benefited from the Turkey Family Support Program, including 2.5 million households within the scope of Child Support, Yanık stated that monthly payments of 850 liras and 1250 liras were made according to the income of the households.

Minister Yanık stated that they will pay a total of 4.4 billion liras, including 3.4 billion liras for family support and 1 billion liras for child support, in the Turkey Family Support Program, and that the number of children they support in this process has reached 6 million.

Burns stated that they expanded the framework so that more citizens could benefit from the Turkey Family Support Program and added Child Support Component and Electricity Consumption Support to the program.

Reminding that they make monthly payments to the households benefiting from the support so that they can cover the expenses of their children, Yanık said, “Within the scope of the Child Support Component, we provide additional support to our households in the amount of 350 TL and 650 TL per month. In addition, we provide Electricity Consumption Support to our households up to 260 TL.” gave the information.

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