Thanks to digital technologies, production and productivity in agriculture are increasing. A team consisting entirely of young people set out for this purpose. Thanks to the artificial intelligence-assisted kit they have developed, the 8 percent inefficiency that occurs during the harvest is reduced to zero.

His hands are on the keyboard, his feet are on the ground. Some are farmers, some are computer engineers, some are software developers. This young team of 10 people broke new ground in artificial intelligence technologies developed in the field of agriculture in Turkey. Within the scope of the TÜBİTAK project, they made the tractors autonomous by using artificial intelligence and cloud technologies.

No need for operator

Thanks to the developed kit, tractors can be intervened remotely, no need for an operator. The aim is to increase productivity in agricultural production.

Company founder Ömer Faruk Koç said, “When you use our kit, we can reduce the 8 percent that is created by keeping the tractor on the optimal route by seeing with the camera automatically, not manually, but by seeing the plant and the field, and therefore, the costs caused by the inefficiencies in the products can be put back into the pocket of the farmer.” he said.

In the new version of the kit, remote intervention to the tractor is provided with a mobile phone. In addition to this, the yield map is also produced by this artificial intelligence-assisted kit in order to distinguish the plants and weeds in the field. Thanks to the yield map, spraying in the field also becomes automatic.

The team, which developed an autonomous system that can provide significant benefits in the field of agriculture, also established a company and entered the top five in the world in this field.

(Camera: Mustafa Oguz)

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