According to the information obtained from the banks, the reporting obligation regarding the summary foreign currency position reporting to the Systemic Risk Data Tracking System (SRVTS) has been eased in terms of duration and scope.

Accordingly, the lower limit of the loan balance, which creates the reporting obligation to the Systemic Risk Data Tracking System, was increased from TL 5 million to TL 10 million.

Firms whose headquarters are located in earthquake provinces where a state of emergency has been declared were exempted from reporting obligation during the continuation of the state of emergency.

The latest notification period of the monthly summary FX position report has been changed from “first 10 business days of the following month” to “last day of the following month”.

In addition, the reporting obligation of companies with a total loan balance between TL 10 million and TL 50 million was postponed, starting with the report for January 2024.

For companies with a total loan balance of TL 50 million or more, the latest reporting period for March and April 2023 reports has been extended to 30 June 2023.

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