Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum announced a new campaign that will be launched on April 24, aimed at citizens who have purchased houses, workplaces and land from TOKI, an institution that responds to the needs and demands of the people.

Sharing the good news for citizens who bought houses, workplaces and land from TOKİ, Minister Kurum said, “You know, we organize 2 separate discount campaigns every year in line with the demands of our brothers who have bought houses, workplaces and land from TOKİ. Of course, TOKİ always does this. Because TOKİ is an institution that responds to the needs and demands of the people without exception, it is the institution of the people.” made statements.

25 percent discount in residence and workplace, 12.5 percent discount on land

Pointing out that as the Ministry, they provide ease of payment to citizens with varying discount rates in the campaigns they constantly run, Minister Kurum said, “Thousands of our brothers also benefit from these campaigns. I know that our brothers are looking forward to it right now. Now we are launching a new campaign on April 24.” said.

“Our citizens who own residences and workplaces from TOKİ will benefit from a 25 percent discount opportunity if they pay their remaining debts in cash. We also offer a 12.5 percent discount to our citizens who also pay in cash on the land. We offer a discount of 12.5 percent to those who want to benefit from the campaign,” said the Institution. a, land owners must apply until May 12. Good luck to all our citizens in advance.” said.

Graphic: Şeyma Özkaynak

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