Hayati Akbaba, Chairman of the Ankara Clothing Manufacturers Association, said that there was an increase in consumer income thanks to the minimum wage and EYT regulations made at the beginning of the year, and therefore they expected a movement in sales, but the effect of the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes caused stagnation in ready-made clothing sales as well.

Stating that the sector experienced some vitality in the election process, Akbaba stated that there was a 10-15 percent increase in suit sales during the parliamentary candidacy applications.

Pointing out that this increase was 25 percent in the past elections, Akbaba said that the earthquake and the reasons such as the application of similar candidates for candidacy in each election period kept the increase at the level of 15 percent this year.

“Candidates preferred handkerchief”

Providing information about the preferences of the candidates, Akbaba said:

“In the suits, dark colors, black, navy blue and anthracite tones were preferred. Vest suits were more in demand than previous years, young parliamentary candidates also preferred ‘slim fit’ cuts in the same colors. Therefore, a classic, plain shirt, especially white color. It attracted a lot of attention. His favorite tie colors were burgundy, black and navy blue. Tie clips were almost never used. Usually, handkerchief accessory was preferred.”

Regarding the dress preferences of the female candidates, Akbaba said, “The preferred choice for female candidates was suit or jacket-pants, jacket-skirt combinations in different colors. Female candidates preferred blue, brown, burgundy tones and black.” said.

“Purchases postponed with the earthquake will start with the holiday”

Referring to the sales expectations for the remaining period of the year, Akbaba said:

“In addition to the election, I think that shopping for the clothing industry will be at the highest point, especially due to the holiday. We can achieve the highest turnover we have experienced so far during the holiday. The purchases that have been postponed due to the earthquake will start with the holiday. We see more classic and comfortable clothing choices during the holiday, since there is no summer season. Women are stylish. “While men prefer products, casual clothes are in demand. We have high expectations for the sector for the summer season as well. I don’t think there will be too many price increases. The real recovery of the sector will be at the end of the year.”

“There will be prices that have their feet on the ground”

Noting that the sector had to raise prices until the last quarter of last year due to inflationary pressure, Akbaba said that this situation created a stock problem in the sector. Pointing out that the industry is trying to melt its stocks with discounts, Akbaba said, “There are more grounded pricing as of this summer or spring season. We will not see high figures this summer like last year, we will dress at lower, more affordable and more real prices. I think there will be no price increase. Thus, I expect more vitality in the domestic market.” he said.

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