In the statement included in the advertisement published on THY’s internet portal with the extension “”, it was stated that the company deeply felt the pain of every citizen after the great disaster experienced by Turkey.

The general conditions of the applications are listed as follows:

“Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, no criminal record and no criminal record archive record. Being born between January 1, 1988 and December 31, 2003. At least high school graduate. Knowing English. Not having previously left his duties in THY AO or other organizations due to indiscipline.”

Candidates evaluated as “disaster victims” will be able to apply.

According to the State of Emergency Law No. 2935, the announcement was made for himself and/or his 1st degree relative (mother, Candidates who are considered as “disaster victims” (father, sibling, spouse or child) will be able to apply.

Deadline for submission is April 27

Detailed information on the announcement, where applications will be received until 16.00 on Thursday, April 27, can be found at “”.

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