Informal economy has emerged as an important problem of underdeveloped and developing countries as well as an area that has been followed and struggled by developed countries’ economies recently.

Reducing the informal economy contributes to the improvement of many macroeconomic factors such as economic stability, income distribution and employment in the medium and long term, increasing the level of productivity and competitiveness in the economy, and also increasing public revenues.

In order to be successful in the process of transition to the formal economy, it is important that public institutions and organizations, unions, non-governmental organizations and all segments of the society support and cooperate effectively with all institutions and organizations. In this context, responsible citizens also support the detection of those who carry out these informal activities with their notifications.

The number of those who reported tax evaders reached 251

At the same time, those who make real reports are supported. According to the data of the Revenue Administration (GIB), the number of people who reported tax evaders last year was 251.

While the 10 percent of the final tax was paid to those whose notification was correct, the bonus payment made to those who made the notification last year was 12 million 390 thousand 551 liras.

While the amount of bonus paid by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance was 6 million 396 thousand 266 lira in 2018, 411 informants 12 million 300 thousand 472 liras in 2019, 249 informants 12 million 345 thousand 691 liras in 2020, 253 informants in 2021. received a million 674 thousand 279 lira notice bonus.

Thus, a bonus of 55 million 107 thousand 259 liras was paid in total to 1555 people who reported tax evaders in the last 5 years.


Number of Persons Paying Bonuses

Bonus Amount
2018 391 6,396,266
2019 411 12,300,472
2020 249 12.345.691
2021 253 11,674,279
2022 251 12.390.551
Total 1555 55,107,259

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