In the statement made by the Human Resources Office, it was stated that the program, whose number of applications exceeded 400 thousand this year, both reached the scope and quality to meet the internship needs of each young person in higher education and facilitated the access of public institutions to the skills they need.

“It is aimed to offer internship opportunities to more than 300 thousand young people”

In the statement, “With the program, which aims to transform the skills of our young people into competence by experiencing the business life while they are still students, it is aimed to offer internship opportunities to more than 300 thousand young people, 150 thousand of whom are in public institutions and 150 thousand in the private sector. In addition, public institutions will pay the minimum wage to the interns of the National Internship Program.” expression was used.

It is stated in the statement that every young person who will do internship within the scope of the program will receive certified adaptation, development and communication trainings, especially “occupational health and safety” and “earthquake preparedness”, and that every university student who applies to the program will receive long-term studies and experiences from high school to the last year of their undergraduate education. It was stated that the performance was evaluated with an innovative, scientific and objective method.

The pool will be accessible until the end of 2023.

In the statement, which noted that the proficiency scores of the students in the “Academic/Vocational”, “Artistic/Social” and “Sports” fields were calculated and added to the “Candidate Profile”, “The profile of the candidates was transferred to the intern pool, which employers can access, by hiding their identity and contact information. Thus, employers can meet their needs. “The trainee pool will be open to access for internship offers until the end of 2023.” statements were included.

Priority internship opportunity for students affected by the earthquake

In the statement, it was stated that new arrangements were made in the program this year in order to alleviate the pain of students affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake on February 6, which is described as the disaster of the century, and it was stated that more than 75 thousand young people who applied to the program from universities in the earthquake zone or resided in the earthquake zone will be provided with priority internship opportunities in public institutions.

In the statement, it was stated that the applications made from 561 departments of 204 universities revealed that social sciences students showed great interest in the program, apart from engineering fields, and it was stated that 407 thousand 319 applications were made to the program this year.

“Our students, who continue their education in 136 different universities in 31 countries as well as in 81 provinces of our country, took steps to benefit from the internship opportunities in our country. The program, which attracted great interest, also participated from countries such as Italy, Germany, France, Azerbaijan, England, Netherlands, Russia. Students who applied. will be able to follow the internship offers on the Career Gate Platform ( and carry out the process, and follow the developments on the official Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook accounts and corporate websites of the Presidential Human Resources Office and the National Internship Program.

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