Mahmut Sami Şahin, President of the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), said that TSE is a competent institution that takes an active role in international standardization organizations, produces value with its extensive service network, and provides conformity assessment services such as test-inspection-surveillance-certification in all areas that the business world needs. .

Stating that TSE, which serves the high quality production of industrialists in accordance with international standards, has attained a prestigious brand value, which is preferred not only in the country but also in the international arena, Şahin said, “Leading the establishment of the Institute of Standardization and Metrology of Islamic Countries, standardization organizations in Turkic republics under one roof. TSE eliminates the possible technical obstacles that our industrialists may experience with the strong business relationships it has established with organizations in many countries of the world.In line with the Technology-Oriented Industry Move, TSE aims to provide innovative products with high value-added production, increase in productivity in the industry, standardization and conformity assessment services in the fields of digital transformation, aimed by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. While supporting entrepreneurship by laying the groundwork for the production of goods or services, on the other hand, it plays a pioneering role with its experience and experience in the field.” he said.

Contribution to Turkey’s energy policy

Şahin pointed out that TSE also carries out activities in line with Turkey’s energy policy, and drew attention to the fact that more than 50 percent of the country’s electricity production is obtained from imported sources.

Emphasizing that Turkey is seeking restructuring in the energy sector in order to increase its domestic production capacity through more investments, Şahin said:

“In parallel with the economic growth and development of our country, our Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources announced the ‘National Energy and Mining Policy’ in 2017. The policy primarily aims to reduce Turkey’s dependence on imported energy resources and focuses on three main points. These are improving energy supply security, domestic Localization, including increasing the use of energy resources, is to improve predictability in energy markets. On the other hand, Turkey’s Eleventh Development Plan sets important targets in energy.”

Supports provided by TSE to Akkuyu NPP

Reminding that an agreement was signed between Turkey and Russia for the construction and operation of Akkuyu NPP in order to reduce the country’s dependence on imported energy resources and improve energy supply security, Şahin stated that the construction of the first unit of the power plant started in April 2018.

Explaining the activities carried out by TSE within the scope of the project, Şahin said, “Negotiations for the supply of ‘Safety Level 4 and products that do not fall under any security class’ to be used in the construction of Akkuyu NPP from domestic producers were initiated in 2012 under the coordination of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. ROSATOM and REIN (Rosatom). Energy International) on January 7, 2020, TSE was authorized by Akkuyu Nuclear AŞ as a ‘Main Materials Science Institution’ in Turkey. used the phrases.

Şahin stated that, according to the authorization, TSE is responsible for testing and certification of products and equipment to be procured from domestic manufacturers, to be used in the construction of nuclear power plants, to cover project norms.

In addition, Şahin emphasized that TSE is responsible for providing technical support in the preparation of material and base material manufacturing procedure documents to be prepared by the manufacturers according to the technical specifications of the material manufacturers, and gave the following information:

“Our institute provides technical support for equipment manufacturers in the preparation of equipment manufacturing procedure documents to be prepared by manufacturers according to Akkuyu NGS technical specifications, creation of test programs within the scope of material and material manufacturing procedure document to be prepared by manufacturers according to the specifications, providing technical support in the design and seismic calculations of equipment and materials, nuclear power It is also responsible for the standardization of the products to be used in the power plants, the preparation of the technical comparison reports requested by the IC İçtaş-Titan 2 Partnership, and the identification of substitute domestic products.

Şahin stated that the services provided to Akkuyu NPP by TSE are carried out within the Experiment and Calibration Center Presidency, and stated that experts are responsible for document preparation, standard comparison, laboratory services, certification services and management of processes.

The way for domestic product supply has been opened

Drawing attention to the work on product groups in the construction of Akkuyu NPP, Şahin said:

“Reinforcement steels, I profiles, water, heat insulation, fire and acoustic materials, paint and coating materials, cables, system and certification procedures for welded manufacturing are determined as product groups. Standard comparisons of these groups are carried out by our project team. At the same time, the comparison report is required. As a result of the services we provide, as a result of the authorization of our Institute as an approved material organization to Akkuyu NPP, 200 million dollars, that is, approximately 4 billion liras, was procured from our domestic material industrialists and used in the Akkuyu NPP Project. Supporting the national and international activities of our business world and providing the standardization and conformity assessment services it needs at home and abroad, the strengthening of TSE will ensure that our country’s industry is strengthened in the same direction and in a sustainable way.”

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