At the last meeting of the Advertisement Board under the Ministry of Commerce, held on April 11, 206 files that were included in the agenda were resolved. As a result of the opinions and evaluations made by the Board, it was decided that 190 files were against the legislation.

One of the main agenda topics of this month’s meeting of the Board is the “Meat Fish Butcher”, “Meat Fish K.”, “Meat Fish Province-District Name” of some butcher businesses operating in the country, which has attracted attention both in the news reflected in the media and in the applications reaching the Ministry. There were promotions of businesses operating with names and promotional visuals that imitate the title and logo of the Meat and Dairy Institution, formerly known by the society, with names such as “Meat and Fish Regulation”, and “Meat and Fish Organization”.

As a result of the preliminary examinations and evaluations made by the Ministry on the subject, it was observed that there were enterprises operating with similar names and logos in various provinces throughout the country, and examinations and inspections regarding the aforementioned situation were carried out by the provincial directorates of commerce in 81 provinces.

Detection minutes were drawn up for the businesses that carry out sales and promotion activities similar to the subject matter, and their information, documents and defenses were received, and it was decided by the Board to establish administrative sanctions for the files whose examinations were completed.

Consumers’ trust has been abused

In this context, as a result of the examinations made by the Board, 1 million 110 thousand were given to the mentioned businesses in the agenda of the Board, on the grounds that the reputation of the Meat and Dairy Institution was abused by unfairly benefiting from the reputation of the Meat and Dairy Authority, and therefore the consumers’ lack of experience and knowledge were abused. It was decided to apply an administrative fee of 432 liras and to stop the aforementioned promotions.

The Board also decided on the files other than the IHC. The Board decided to impose an administrative fine of 7 million 140 thousand 604 liras in total due to illegal files, including those who imitate the IHC.

According to the statement, promotions that are deceptive and misleading to consumers are closely followed by the Ministry. Complaints and audit reports from provinces as well as similar activities reflected in the press and social media channels are meticulously monitored.

At the May meeting of the Advertisement Board, examinations and evaluations will be made about the files that have reached the Ministry.

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