Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirişci, gave information about agricultural support payments on his social media account.

Minister Kirişci said, “Today, we transfer the agricultural support payment of 1 billion 404 million 621 thousand liras to the accounts of our farmers. May it be good and fruitful.” used the phrases.

The share also included an infographic on the details of the support payment.

Accordingly, 938 million 339 thousand 668 liras as raw milk support, 190 million 61 thousand liras as cattle fattening support, 117 million 312 thousand liras as herd manager support, 42 million 794 thousand 200 liras as water buffalo support, cereals-pulses and grains. 60 million 508 thousand 651 liras as corn support, 31 million 54 thousand 41 liras as certified seed production support, 13 million 451 thousand 100 liras as malak support, 7 million 235 thousand 950 liras as animal genetic resources protection support, farm accounting data network support 3 million 170 thousand 400 liras, 634 thousand 359 liras as diesel and fertilizer support.

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