He said that the hunting season, which started on September 1, 2022, will end tomorrow in order to protect the fishery products in sea and inland waters and to ensure the sustainability of hunting.

Stating that the fishermen will get ready by tying their boats in this process and will take care of their boats and nets, Özkaya said, “Our fishermen did not find what they expected in the seas this season. Unlike last year, this season the bonito was very good, and for anchovy we had a bad season in terms of meat productivity and length. Anchovy fishing in the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles was stopped from February 21 until the end of the season. Horse mackerel and bluefish were found at an average level, and there was no problem in the stalls.” he said.

Noting that some boats were moored earlier due to the early ban on anchovy fishing this season, Özkaya said that the decision was positive in terms of sustainability.

Pointing out that it is extremely important for fishermen to comply with the bans for abundance in the seas, Özkaya said that if fishing is done according to the rules, the seas can be left to future generations.

Quota and regional fishing proposal

Emphasizing that quotas and regional fishing practices should be introduced for sustainability, Özkaya said:

“If fishing is done with a quota, boats whose quota are filled will not hunt. Also, small fish can be prevented from being caught. No one wants to fill their quota with small fish. It will be very beneficial for our stocks. What kind of fish can be caught in which region and how they will be caught should also be determined.”

“More support should be given to fishermen in earthquake”

Özkaya stated that the fishermen in Hatay were particularly affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake that took place on February 6, and said, “Our fishermen, who were affected by the earthquake, could not do their job after February 6th. Even if they caught fish, there was no one left to sell. This year they suffered serious damage. They need everyone in that region. “The support given to our fishermen, up to 6 thousand liras, should be increased to 20 thousand liras for the earthquake zone.” said.

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