According to the information obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the 2022-2023 fishing season was very productive especially in terms of bonito fishing, and it was the hunting season in which the most bonito was caught in recent years. Anchovy, which did not catch much from the beginning of the season until November, was caught intensively in November, December and January.

In the studies carried out by the Ministry in February, it was determined that there was an increase in the proportion of individuals below the legal catchable height and that their condition (meat yield) was low.

Therefore, in line with the opinions of non-governmental organizations related to fisheries and the suggestions of academicians who are members of the Fisheries and Fisheries Scientific and Technical Advisory Board formed within the Ministry, anchovy fishing has been stopped from February 21 until the end of the season (15 April 2023) in the Marmara Sea and the Bosporus and Çanakkale Straits. .

This measure taken to protect the stocks is expected to have a positive effect on hunting in the coming years.

For the same reason, in the 2020-2021 fishing season, the area between the Bosphorus and the Georgian border in the Black Sea was closed to anchovy fishing and its positive effects were seen in the following seasons.

During the summer season, it is possible to meet the fish needs of the people easily with the fish that come from the small-scale fishermen and the fish that are grown during the hunting ban.

Last year, a total of 199,702 inspections were carried out

Compliance with the bans imposed during the breeding and growth period of fish is important for the continuation of sustainable fishing and the future of fishermen.

Inspections are carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the Ministry to ensure sustainable fisheries and to protect the rights of fishermen who are fishing in accordance with the law.

In this context, a total of 199,702 inspections were carried out last year, 480 tons of fishery products obtained through poaching were confiscated, 8 thousand 21 people and workplaces were fined. In addition, 169 ships that were not hunted in accordance with the rules were seized and their ownership was transferred to the public.

The new season will start on September 1

Fishermen who want to continue their economic activities in a period of approximately 4.5 months will be able to fish purse seine and trawler in international waters outside the territorial waters, provided that they obtain permission from the Ministry and comply with the determined rules.

The opening of the new fishing season for industrial fishing vessels will start on 1 September in all seas except the Mediterranean Sea, and on 15 September 2023 in the Mediterranean. Small-scale fishermen engaged in coastal fishing will be exempt from this ban and will be able to continue fishing.

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