According to the information compiled from the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute, the increase in exports of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates continues.

In the aquaculture category, exports amounted to 879 million 590 thousand dollars in 2018, 962 million 233 thousand dollars in 2019, 1 billion 8 million 993 thousand dollars in 2020 and 1 billion 294 million 358 thousand dollars in 2021. Fisheries exports increased by 75 percent compared to 5 years ago and reached 1 billion 540 million 27 thousand dollars last year.

Thus, exports exceeded the level of 1.5 billion dollars for the first time, and the total export of fisheries products in the 5-year period reached 5 billion 685 million 201 thousand dollars.

Last year, most aquatic products were exported to Russia.

Considering last year, the highest export was made to Russia with 296 million 793 thousand dollars, followed by Italy with 166 million 676 thousand dollars, the United Kingdom with 157 million 758 thousand dollars and the Netherlands with 137 million 364 thousand dollars.

Despite the increase in exports in aquaculture products in the 5-year period, imports followed a fluctuating course. While 184 million 809 thousand dollars were imported in 2018, imports were recorded as 182 million 114 thousand dollars, 143 million 104 thousand dollars and 201 million 786 thousand dollars respectively in the following years. Last year, imports reached the highest level of the last 5 years and were calculated as 294 million 479 thousand dollars.

In this period, total imports amounted to approximately 1 billion 6 million 292 thousand dollars.

Norway ranked first with 88 million 628 thousand dollars in imports. This country was followed by Malaysia and Morocco.

“We need to add value to fish”

Ramazan Özkaya, Chairman of the Board of the Central Union of Fisheries Cooperatives, stated that the most trout is exported from Turkey, and said that the country that exports the most trout to Europe is Turkey.

Noting that sea bream and sea bass are also exported after the trout, Özkaya also said that tuna is sent to Japan.

Noting that they are working to increase exports, Özkaya said, “We must add added value to the fish. The fish we sell are sold to us in processed form again. We should now be exporting the fish in processed form. If we add value to our fish, this year we will export 2 billion dollars of aquaculture products.” We’ll reach our goal.” said.

Pointing out that the fish produced from aquaculture is more than that obtained from hunting, Özkaya said that Turkey’s aquaculture capacity has reached 472 thousand tons per year and this has been effective in the increase in exports.

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