Chairman of the Competition Authority Küle made a written statement regarding the price increases in red meat.

Küle stated that one of the most important issues that have been on the public agenda lately is red meat prices and said:

Especially in the last few months, red meat prices have increased significantly with the successive high rate hikes. These price increases in red meat, which is one of the most basic foodstuffs, are undoubtedly closely followed by the Competition Authority as well as other relevant public institutions. As a matter of fact, our institution has been working on the red meat sector since 2022, and extensive investigations on the enterprises and associations of enterprises operating in the sector are currently ongoing. In these studies, which aim to scrutinize the red meat market in a way that covers the whole of Turkey, both the structural and regulatory problems of the sector, as well as the market behaviors of undertakings and associations of undertakings in the sector are discussed.

“Administrative fines up to 10 percent of their turnover will be applied”

He stated that the investigations on the behavior of undertakings and associations of undertakings focus on whether there is any formation in the market that violates the rules of competition.

In this framework, it is primarily evaluated whether the rival undertakings are in an agreement limiting competition, whether there are decisions or actions by the associations of undertakings to prevent competition in the sector, and whether anti-competitive behavior occurs in the relations of large undertakings in the market with retailers. Because these behaviors contrary to competition rules may directly or indirectly lead to an increase in red meat prices. In case of detection of these behaviors, which constitute a violation of the ‘Law on the Protection of Competition No. 4054’, administrative fines of up to 10 percent of the turnover of the undertakings may be imposed on the undertakings concerned. Our institution is extremely sensitive to price increases in red meat, which has an important place in the nutrition and budget of consumers, and continues to work to detect anti-competitive behaviors in the sector and to punish these behaviors severely.

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