According to the statement made by the Agricultural Insurance Pool (TARSİM), Bekir Engürülü, whose appointment has been made as of today, took part in many studies in the field of agricultural insurance in the 18-year period from the writing of the Agricultural Insurance Law No. 5363 dated June 14, 2005 until today.

Born in the Zile district of Tokat, graduating from Söke Agricultural Technical High School in 1985 and from Selçuk University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Machinery in 1991, Engürülü has served in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for 38 years.

In this process, Engürülü, who served as technical personnel, agricultural engineer, district manager, branch manager and head of department, respectively, served as the Head of Agricultural Insurance and Natural Disasters Department of the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform between 2011-2020.

It has been reported that Engürülü has experience in risk management in agriculture, global climate change, agricultural machinery and in-service training, and is the co-author of 22 published books used in in-service training.

Participating as a guest speaker at national and international conferences and symposiums on risk management, agricultural insurance and climate change in agriculture, making statements and making presentations on various national and international platforms, Engurulu teaches “Agricultural Insurance” at Hacı Bayram Veli University, School of Banking and Insurance. .

While retiring from his position as Deputy General Manager of Agricultural Reform at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, which he started in January 2020, as of today, he has been serving as a Member of the Board of Directors of TARSİM since February 2020.

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