In the statement made by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, applications for restructuring of public debts continue.

Stating that 1.5 million taxpayers have applied for restructuring so far, it was reported that the total restructuring exceeded 50 billion liras and 1.6 billion liras were collected.

The Bill on Restructuring Some Receivables and Amending Certain Laws, including the restructuring of public debts, was passed in the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly last month and became law.

With the law, receivables from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Ministry of Trade, Social Security Institution (SGK), special provincial administrations, municipalities, Investment Monitoring and Coordination Presidency (YIKOB) were provided with the opportunity to restructure.

While 31 December 2022 is taken as a basis for receivables, taxes, tax penalties, administrative and judicial fines, customs duties, insurance premiums, community insurance premiums, pension and corporate reserve, unemployment insurance premium, social security support premium and all kinds of receivables related to these receivables. Ancillary receivables such as interest, raise, late fee, delay interest, penalty interest, delay penalty are included in the scope.

Other receivables of these administrations followed up and collected within the scope of the Law on Collection of Public Receivables, and receivables of municipalities such as water, wastewater and solid waste were also included in the scope of the regulation.

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