Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati made special statements to TRT Haber.

The highlights of the speech of the Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati are as follows:

Our banks started to move to Istanbul Finance Center (IFC). All financial structures, not just banks, will use this place as a center. While this financial center will be a financial center on the one hand, it will also be the center of commerce. It was prepared as a candidate to become a regional power. Customers of 77 percent of the leased areas will be ready to operate. Many foreign companies applied to our headquarters.

Buildings were prepared by planning the most severe earthquakes in Istanbul. Precautions were taken and preparations were made. The organization was carried out by bringing all the structures together. There is no problem.

Funds coming from abroad will determine this place as a center. After the Ukraine war, Turkey’s success from the epidemic, Istanbul is a place that has been turned into a center. If there is a problem anywhere in the world, this place is in an advantageous position in terms of supply. Istanbul was determined as the center for the realization of trade in many parts of the world.

Turkey’s monetary policy

The Turkish economy model has reached most of its targets. This time last year we were attending meetings in the USA. The main stalemate was fought in the meetings there. Anxiety about the war was high. Energy prices, food supply security and rising commodities also exacerbated concerns. There was a policy of increasing interest rates, reducing production and slowing down the economy.

Our basic stance is based on the understanding that people should live first. We had the understanding that we would not risk people being unemployed, we would continue production and we would not compromise on growth. When I asked them, I got answers in the form of a fudge. Turkey’s potential is for growth. We explained our plan to continue growth by gradually reducing inflation. There is no regression in our investments. Our growth continues for 10 quarters. We have never made concessions during the epidemic period. Unemployment is 10 percent in February. During the earthquake, war and epidemic, we did not have a good performance in February in our history. All thanks to this model, we have achieved this.

The Turkish Economy Model has turned into a structure that will set an example for the world in the upcoming period. We said we will not increase interest rates. The world faced the handicaps of interest rate hikes. The bankruptcy of banks in the USA was the result of interest rate hikes. They also slowed the rate hike in Europe.

Steps to fight inflation

Türkiye has a very serious potential. On February 6, we experienced the earthquake of the century. If this earthquake had happened in any country in the world, it would have been very different. In this environment, Türkiye is going to the elections. This country is a country with potential. It is necessary to create an expectation that inflation will decrease in the coming period. After the break in November, people started to think. In December, the downward movement of inflation was seen by people. Expectations turned positive. Currently, expectations have dropped to 10%. Despite the earthquake, we did not go to any restrictions. From May onwards, the relaxation in prices will be felt much more seriously.

100 billion TL resource for disaster

We started the fundraising work from the moment of the earthquake and allocated 100 billion liras. We took action early. We used 40 billion lira of the resource we allocated. We will continue to use it if needed. We do not have a problem with the source in the earthquake zone.

SME investment bank

More than half of the employment in Turkey works in SMEs. It is clear that we pay special attention to SMEs. We have created a structure to support SMEs in every field.

Special loan to TOGG

There is a huge demand. Our banks will make their preparations in this regard. This issue will be announced after it is presented to the President.

CHP’s $300 billion promise

The leader of the main opposition party goes and holds the meetings at the restaurant. We know these fund managers. How will $300 billion come? A very special treat is needed for the 300 billion dollar fund to come here. This is called usury. I will give you usurer’s interest, this means bring me that money, it cannot be otherwise.

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