Iyi Party Chairman Meral Akşener spoke at the opening of the election coordination center in Çankaya district Öveçler district.

Saying that May 14 will be the last election in which the transition to the parliamentary system is discussed, Akşener said that if the result is achieved that the “one-man” system will continue, it will not be possible to talk about getting rid of the Presidential Government System again.

Akşener said that when the system changes, the rule of law and merit will come and Turkey’s own potential will be used.

“Turkey is in such a geography that instead of fighting with the nation, fighting with all our neighbors, let’s trade and produce with them. Turkey has a trade volume of 7 trillion dollars with its first borders. When you include Europe and Asia, there is a trade volume of 21 trillion dollars. Will a person be unemployed one day? He won’t. Does a young person want to go abroad? He doesn’t. It means the disappearance of a mentality that makes our doctors beat up every day.”

“The sun will rise on the country on the morning of May 15”

Expressing that the 14 May elections will contribute to the country, homeland, unity and solidarity, Akşener said:

“On the evening of May 14, this monstrous system will be gone, Mr. President Erdoğan will be sent off with respect, and Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu will sit in his office with applause. The sun will rise on this country on the morning of May 15. The Good Party is the insurance of this country, it is the safety valve. For him, the Good Party. We will make Turkey the first party and Meral Akşener, Chairman of the Iyi Party, will become the prime minister.”

Akşener opened the center after her speech.

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