According to the data of Turkish Electricity Transmission AŞ (TEİAŞ), 716 thousand 616 megawatt-hours of electricity was produced in Turkey yesterday.

The share of hydroelectric power plants in daily electricity production was 41.1 percent as of yesterday. In daily production, hydroelectric power plants with dams took the first place with 26.6 percent, and river hydroelectric power plants took the second place with a share of 14.5 percent. Streaming hydroelectric power plants were followed by imported coal power plants with a share of 14.3 percent.

The electricity produced from hydroelectric power plants reached the highest level of the year with 294 thousand 617 megawatt hours.

Yesterday, 716 thousand 616 megawatt-hours of electricity was produced on a daily basis in Turkey, and consumption was 719 thousand 328 megawatt-hours.

The highest electricity consumption was at 21.00 with 33 thousand 473 megawatt hours, and the lowest consumption was at 08.00 with 24 thousand 753 megawatt hours.

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