Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirişci, shared on his social media account the results of the 2022-2023 application period for the Rural Economic Investments Support Project.

Providing information on the amount of support to be provided, Kirişci said, “We will pay a total of 1 billion 43 million 511 thousand liras in grants to 478 investment projects in the countryside. Our state is always with our producers and investors.” made its assessment.

According to the information shared by Kirişci, the applications for the Supporting Rural Economic Investments Project were concluded in 70 provinces. Within the scope of the project, a grant of 1 billion 43 million 511 thousand liras will be paid to 478 investment projects worth 2 billion 325 million liras.

Konya benefited the most

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry also made a statement on the subject.

Accordingly, 50 percent grant support is given to investors within the scope of the program.

The most supported project topics are the processing, drying, freezing, packaging and storage of animal and herbal products and medicinal and aromatic plants, renewable energy investments, fixed investments in cattle and sheep and poultry breeding, modern new greenhouses, steel silo and cold air. warehouse, aquaculture in inland waters, aquaculture in the seas, processing, packaging and storage of animal-origin fertilizers, and cultured mushroom production.

According to the number of investors, Konya benefited the most from the program with 21 investors. This province was followed by Kayseri with 17 investors, Ankara and İzmir with 16 each, and Mersin with 15 investors. According to the amount of support, the province that benefited the most from the program was Konya with 41.6 million liras, while Ankara with 34.5 million liras, İzmir with 31.8 million liras, Kırşehir with 31 million liras and Kayseri with 29.6 million liras. was among.

On the other hand, the evaluation process will end on May 8 in 11 provinces where the application period has been extended due to earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş.

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