Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Fatih Dönmez, in his speech at the collective opening ceremony held at the Provincial Square with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said that the pilot rare earth elements plant, which will produce 1200 tons per year, will also be put into the service of the nation within the scope of this program.

Reminding that they discovered 694 million tons of rare earth elements in Beylikova district, Dönmez said, “We have detected 17 different elements in the field. The number of countries producing rare earth elements in the world is not exceeding two fingers. Now Turkey is in this league. Eskişehir is now in this league. Now we value these mines. it’s time to transform. It’s time to transform from ore to jewellery. Time for production, export, employment. Now and always is the AK Party time. It’s the right time for the Turkish Century, the right man, the time to walk to the future with the right steps. Not tomorrow, right now. This is the square. Our brothers from Eskişehir are with us in this march. Our brothers from Eskişehir are on the same path as their leader, our esteemed President.” used the phrase.

The foundation of the lithium carbonate plant to be built in Kırka will be laid this year.

Fatih Dönmez emphasized that they will lay the foundation of the lithium carbonate plant with an annual production capacity of 600 tons in Eskişehir Kırka this year.

Stating that domestic lithium produced in Eskişehir will be used in mobile phones, computers, tablets and perhaps Turkey’s automobiles in the future, Dönmez continued:

“Turkey will get its energy from Eskişehir. The energy of Eskişehir will envelop the whole of Turkey. Our Eskişehir will add energy to the energy of the whole of Turkey, not only with its dynamism, vitality and mobility, but also with its energy. We have another investment good news for Eskişehir. Again. Hopefully this year, we will lay the foundation of the ‘Waterless Borax Production Facility’ in Kırka. We will provide additional employment for 200 people in our 3 facilities. 2023 will be Eskişehir’s investment year. I hope we will invest 951 million liras in energy and natural resources in Eskişehir this year. “We have invested 5.3 billion liras in energy and natural resources in our city in the last 20 years. We will bring new investments, new jobs, new facilities, new factories to our city. Our Eskişehir will win. Our brother from Eskişehir will win. Ultimately, Turkey will win.”

“We are coming with projects that will make Eskişehir a brand city”

Explaining that they came to Eskişehir with projects that will add value, Dönmez said, “We will invest in technology. We are coming with projects that will make Eskişehir a brand city in mines, space and aviation, software-animation. We will invest in production. We will expand the product range produced by our industry. When Eskişehir is mentioned, strong industry and well-trained industry come to mind. “The manpower will come. We will not be satisfied with this. We will not be satisfied with this. We will make Eskişehir a league higher. We will give more support to our villagers. We will implement many projects that will increase agricultural production, from greenhouses to new cold air facilities, from milk processing facilities to closed circuit irrigation systems, in order to diversify agricultural production.” he said.

Minister Dönmez pointed out that they will invest in people and continued as follows:

“We will make Eskişehir a vibrant city where new ideas, new initiatives and new start-ups arise. We will increase vocational training and on-the-job opportunities that will support the professional development of our women and youth. We will invest in our values. The thousands of years of history and culture of Eskişehir will be enriched with new projects. it will be known more, it will be known more. We will make Eskişehir one of the new tourism centers of Anatolia. We will highlight the tourism potential of Eskişehir, from health tourism to nature tourism. All these investments are worth Eskişehir. The future will be valued in Eskişehir Eskişehir is walking towards the future with its industry, trade, universities, history, culture and geography. It combines the values ​​it brought from the past with the values ​​of today and the future.”

“Who promises to turn Hagia Sophia into a museum again?”

Dönmez stated that the Night of Power, which is better than a thousand months, was realized yesterday, and that Hagia Sophia, which has been longing for prayer for years, met with the believers.

Stating that he wholeheartedly believes that the people will not show defeat to those who reopen Hagia Sophia to worship, Dönmez made the following assessment:

“Who is promising to turn Hagia Sophia into a museum again today? CHP. They even have a deputy, a lawyer. Do you know what he said? ‘Sultanahmet Mosque should be a museum too.’ Has Hagia Sophia been reopened for worship? Has a mosque been built in Taksim? Today, can our headscarved girls go to universities freely, without being pushed and snored? Can our headscarved ladies work in government institutions? Has the coefficient barrier in front of imam-hatip and vocational high schools been lifted? , ‘We have nothing to do with the Ottomans and the Seljuks.’ Has the nonsense of those who say it stopped? Has the nation embraced its past and ancestors? Has the politics of denial been ended? Who did all this, thank God. AK Party did it, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan did it.”

“They are all election-era Muslims”

Criticizing the opposition, Minister Dönmez concluded his words as follows:

“Every day, a new statement comes from Kandil: ‘You have become our hope.’ They say, ‘The six-table is open. We will give all kinds of support.’ They say. Didn’t they say ‘100 years of disaster’ to our 100-year-old Republic? Didn’t they play the song of the terrorist organization in Batman on election buses? What are they saying? The municipalities that transfer the nation’s money to terrorists, to Kandil will be handed over to the extension of the terrorist organization again.’ You see how the opposition is dealing with terrorism and terrorists. You can see how the nationalists and conservatives look like they are right to get their votes. Men who do not know the way to the mosque are now dead in the mosques. Those who speak the word of God suddenly become hafız. today they supposedly pay homage to each of them for the sake of one vote, ‘I am more Muslim.’ These are all my Muslim brothers and sisters during the election period.”

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