The Regulation Amending the Regulation on the Sale of Refurbished Products, prepared by the Ministry of Commerce, entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette.

The regulation regulates the application procedures and principles regarding the renewal and resale of used goods.

Accordingly, smart watches, computers (laptops, desktops), game consoles and modems were included among the products that could be renewed and put into use, after mobile phones and tablets.

A battery with a capacity of less than 85% will be replaced.

In order for used mobile phones with a battery capacity of less than 85% to be offered for sale as refurbished products, the batteries have to be changed.

Renovation centers will be able to make renewals for all products specified in the regulation without the need for a separate renewal authorization certificate, provided that they have the service place adequacy certificate obtained according to the relevant standard.

The centers in question will be able to sign an authorized service contract with the manufacturer or importer of the products determined by the regulation. The renewal centers of commercial enterprises that are manufacturers or importers of the specified products will be able to operate as one of the mandatory authorized service stations for these products.

A refurbished product may be subject to multiple renewals.

The paid-in capital requirement for obtaining a renewal authorization certificate was also increased from 10 million lira to 30 million lira.

As of the publication date of the regulation, those with a paid-in capital of less than 30 million liras among commercial enterprises that have a renewal authorization certificate will complete their paid-in capital amount to 30 million liras by January 1, 2024.

Distinctive logo can be used for refurbished products

In the regulation, a regulation was also made regarding the branching of renewal centers.

Accordingly, the renewal center will be able to establish branches affiliated to it, which meet the conditions other than the capital requirement for the realization of all or some of the activities carried out within the scope of the regulation. In order for the branch to become operational, it must have a service place adequacy certificate obtained in accordance with the regulations or standards determined for the branches by the Ministry or the Turkish Standards Institute and must notify the Ministry. Within the scope of the regulation, the branch and the renewal center to which they are affiliated will be held jointly and severally responsible for the activities carried out by the branches.

In case the refurbished products determined by the regulation are offered for sale using remote communication tools, it will be obligatory to sell these products in a separate category in a way that can be distinguished from unused goods and other used goods. Renovation center, branch, authorized dealer and authorized buyer will be able to use the distinctive logo determined by the Ministry for their advertisements and promotions for refurbished products.

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