Final permit, land permit, final allocation, decision to use, preliminary permit, easement right, usage permit, rent, utilization, additional benefit, promenade, which must be collected for Treasury immovables, due as of 31 December 2022 but cannot be paid as of 12 March 2023. The General Communiqué of the National Real Estate on the restructuring of debts such as the right to operate the place, the lease fees, and the payment of secondary debts such as late payment and interest, was published in the Official Gazette today.

With the regulation, no change will be made regarding the original debts, debts such as late fee and interest will be deleted and the D-PPI amount to be calculated will be paid instead.

Applications in the earthquake zone will end on October 31

Citizens who want to benefit from the scope of the Communiqué should apply to the relevant central or provincial units of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry until May 31.

In the 12 provinces affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes, the application deadline will end on October 31, 2023.

Equal installments up to 48 months

Structured receivables can be paid in cash or in 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 equal installments. In case of advance payment, a certain discount will be applied to the D-PPI amount calculated. In case of payment in installments, the coefficients stipulated by the Law will be applied according to the preferred number of installments.

The last payment date of the first installment is July 3

In the case of payment in installments, the deadline for the first installment is determined as July 3, 2023. Other installments can be paid in one-month periods following this date.

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