Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati held a joint press conference with Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişci about the work done in Kahramanmaraş after the earthquake.

Stating that they realized Ramadan with bitter feelings this year, Nebati said that the great earthquakes that directly affected 14 million people, including the citizens of Kahramanmaraş, burned everyone’s hearts.

“We have paid approximately 19.6 billion liras in damage so far”

Nebati stated that as the Ministry, like all other institutions of the state, they have taken and continue to take many steps since the first day in order to heal the wounds of the citizens affected by the earthquake, and continued as follows:

“In this context, we have transferred more than 40 billion liras in cash to AFAD to date. We provide cash aid to our earthquake victims and relatives of our brothers and sisters who lost their lives. We made an emergency aid payment of 10 thousand lira per household. We also made a relocation support payment of 15 thousand lira per household. Within the scope of Disaster Insurance, we have made a loss payment of approximately 19.6 billion liras to date.”

“We will continue to provide uninterrupted financial support”

Reminding that a total of 650 thousand houses will be built in the earthquake area, Nebati said that they are working non-stop to complete most of them within 1 year. Reminding that they have already started the construction of more than 100 thousand houses, Nebati stated that they will continue to provide uninterrupted financial support as the Ministry in this process.

Stating that they knew that the most important problem to be solved in the region after the “disaster of the century” was housing, Nebati stressed that this issue is of great importance in terms of the city’s economic development and industrial production.

For this reason, Nebati stated that they have implemented some transitional solutions until the permanent residences are built within a year, and continued his words as follows:

“We provide support for up to 10 containers, with 30 thousand lira per container, to our SMEs whose employees live in containers. We immediately implement the Earthquake Zone Operating Expenses Support Package and the Earthquake Zone Investment Support Package, which have a total guarantee limit of 20 billion TL for our enterprises operating in the earthquake zone. “Within the scope of these packages, a total loan volume of 9.5 billion liras has already been reached and I would like to remind all our businesses that the opportunity to benefit from it still continues. We also increased the volume of the KGF packages that we announced before the earthquake, and increased the KGF limit of 250 billion lira to a total of 400 billion lira. “We will offer 50 billion liras to the benefit of our citizens to be used directly in the earthquake zone. In addition, we are implementing special packages for the earthquake zone through the Participation Finance Guarantee Inc., which we have recently established.”

“We quickly met the appropriation demands of municipalities”

Reminding that the citizens whose houses or workplaces were destroyed in the earthquake, who were determined to be urgently demolished, moderately and heavily damaged, deleted all their unpaid electricity and natural gas bills, Nebati said, “We postponed the loan payments of our tradesmen and craftsmen in the region. “We are in full coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in order to produce the most accurate solutions to their problems. We have postponed the loans of our farmers operating in the region for 1 year without interest.” made evaluations.

Minister Nebati stated that last week, the bureaucrats of the Ministry held meetings with the business world to solve their problems and said that they took steps to enable the business world to breathe more easily with the solution of transferring 50 billion lira of the KGF package to the region.

Stating that they held a meeting today to renovate the infrastructure damaged in the earthquake, Nebati stated that they saw that the rate of loss and leakage in the city’s water consumption, which was 50 percent before, increased to 75 percent after the earthquake, and that they decided to cooperate at the point of special work for this. Nebati noted that they will continue to work quickly to design these works and to get them to the solution point quickly by evaluating them through the disaster fund.

Nebati pointed out that the cities that were first affected by the earthquake quickly met the appropriation demands of the municipalities for the infrastructure and superstructure works, and that they are carrying out studies on what can be done in addition to these appropriation demands, and that they will take steps to meet the needs of all municipalities damaged in the earthquake, especially Kahramanmaraş. reported.

Emphasizing that they will carry the country to much higher heights in the second century of the Republic, that is, in the Century of Turkey, Nebati said, “Our first priority in the coming period is to raise all our provinces affected by the earthquake much stronger than before, to transform them into a more comfortable and livable state, and to provide the keys to their peaceful homes to our earthquake-affected citizens. to deliver as soon as possible.” he said.

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