TOFED Chairman Birol Özcan said in a statement that there is a high demand for buses carrying passengers between cities due to the Ramadan Feast.

Stating that the demand for flights was not like the previous holidays, Özcan said, “Previously, the tickets were completely sold out 10 days before the holiday. However, the tickets are now sold out a few days before the holiday.” he said.

“Our expedition numbers approached 1300”

Özcan pointed out that the number of flights increased with the start of the interim holiday on Friday and continued as follows:

“On Friday, our number of trips exceeded 1000. On Saturday, 1280 buses departed from the bus station. With the approach of the holiday, our number of trips approached 1300. Our tickets for Eid al-Fitr are almost sold out. Our companies have started to put additional flights, additional flights are organized to 79 cities. We think that our number of flights will increase to 1600 per day departing from Istanbul during the holiday. We expect more density at the bus station from tomorrow.”

Stating that 2,000 to 2,200 buses departed from the bus station during the holidays before COVID-19 and during the semester break, and that they even saw 2,700 trips in some holidays, Özcan stated that the issuance of the circular for additional flights for April 14th and 25th had a positive effect on sales.

“Pirate transportation is a scourge on us”

Emphasizing that the Ramadan Feast will benefit the sector, Özcan noted that they expect an increase in the number of flights with the opening of the summer season after the feast.

Özcan, calling on citizens to stay away from pirate transportation during the holiday, said, “Pirate transportation harms the sector. Pirate transportation is a problem for us. Some buses carry passengers without stopping at the bus station. We gave information to the ministry about pirate transportation. “This situation harms our industry. We demand that this practice end.” used the phrases.

“We did not increase intercity bus tickets during the holiday”

Expressing that the floor and ceiling fees should be determined in the ticket prices in the aircraft and railway sector, Özcan said that the companies are making losses due to the absence of this.

TOFED President Özcan stated that the news that bus ticket prices were increased before the holiday was wrong and said:

“We did not increase intercity bus tickets during Ramadan Feast. Our ticket sales continue according to the prices given to us by the Ministry. Companies have the authority to sell tickets with a 30% discount at the prices determined by the Ministry. Our companies can sell tickets with a 30% discount, depending on the passenger status. “It is not possible to sell by increasing the price by more than 1 lira. There is a penal sanction for this. There is no question of increasing tickets during Ramadan. I congratulate all our citizens on the holiday and wish them safe travels.”

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