Cube Beyoğlu, which is Turkey’s first satellite incubation center in its thematic areas, was opened in partnership with Teknopark Istanbul and Beyoğlu Municipality.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Turkey’s first inner-city incubation center, which was built on Istiklal Street, Varank stated that they came to the event with Togg, and that all the ministers in the cabinet are using Togg as their official vehicle and they are all very pleased.

Referring to the great projects that have been implemented, Varank said, “I hope we will continue on our way. We are determined. We know very well what we need to do to raise Turkey above the level of contemporary civilizations and we have been continuing our investments in this direction for 21 years.” he said.

“Today we have 98 technoparks all over Turkey”

Emphasizing that R&D and innovation are the keys to value-added development in Turkey, Varank said, “When we came to power, there were only two technoparks in this country and only 680 people were working in these two technoparks. Today, we have 98 technoparks all over Turkey. Nearly 90 thousand. “The researcher carries out research and development activities in these technoparks, trying to produce science and commercialize his ideas. As I said, we know what we need to do. That’s why we continue on our way with determination.” used the phrases.

“An incubation center where we will support our youth and set an example for Turkey”

Mustafa Varank stated that they established their incubation centers in city centers outside of technoparks in order to include especially young people in these processes and continued his words as follows:

“We are currently living in Beyoğlu, the best example where we first realized this idea. Istanbul Technopark will have implemented the concept of incubation in the city with this Cube Beyoğlu in Beyoğlu. Our young people, entrepreneurs who have ideas and want to commercialize them will come here. With all the means, look, these are not only financial opportunities, you can give people capital and finance, but we are also opening a satellite incubation center that will truly set an example for Turkey, where we will support our youth with all our means, from mentoring to guidance, from networking to marketing.”

Noting that the project was on their agenda from the very first moment, Varank said, “However, I had a dream. We consulted here to see if we could bring together Turkey’s best universities. ITU, METU and Boğaziçi, which we can say are among the best universities in Turkey at the point we have reached today. That’s how such a satellite came together in incubation.” he said.

“A center where we can bring brands to the world”

Industry and Technology Minister Varank stated that thanks to the visionary understanding of Beyoğlu Municipality and Technopark Istanbul, they have created a great synergy in this center and said, “I hope this will be an exemplary satellite incubation center where we can launch brands to the world.” said.

Stating that they continue their work, Varank explained that they opened an incubation center in the thematic field of games in METU and the Health Sciences University (SBU) Technology Development Center (TEKMER) in Keçiören just 2 days ago.

Reminding that they opened the most modern, newest, most comprehensive and most comprehensive medicine and vaccine campus in Kocaeli yesterday, Varank made the following evaluations:

“That’s why we will continue on our way. As we make these openings gradually in this period, there are also those who make fun of us. ‘Are you making these openings for elections? Are you implementing them as election studies?’ They say. Dear friends, we started TCG Anadolu 7 years ago. I mean, if we were aiming for the 2023 elections 7 years ago and taking action, you should thank this too. You should give our due for being so visionary. Here’s how many years ago we started Turkey’s Automobile project It’s obvious. But the most important thing is not that we open these projects one by one. How someone comes across us every time we come up with a new idea, every time we start a new project…”

Varank said that when they announced the Togg project, there were those who said, “Turkey cannot make its own automobile, it is suicide to make a domestic automobile in Turkey,” but that they succeeded.

“Our most important pillar while building the Turkish Century is our youth”

Mustafa Varank stated that they completed the factory and released the vehicles in the face of all the criticisms made against Togg, and noted that they realized these projects by fighting against the visionless in all projects.

No matter what they say, Varank stated that they will continue to build their own path and the Turkish Century, and concluded his words as follows:

“While doing this, rest assured that our most important assurance, our most important pillar is our precious young people. Today, Turkey is experiencing its golden age in entrepreneurship with the energy, vision, and ideas and projects of the youth. Young children, 3-4 friends come together and make 100-200 million dollars. They can establish profitable companies. I hope we will continue to do so. While we continue to do so, one of our most important centers will be Cube Beyoğlu. Here we will run a thematic incubator, as well as launch an entrepreneurship center. We will try to instill the idea of ​​being your own boss, not someone else’s employee. I hope we will build the Turkish Century thanks to those young people.”

“We give our support without any political understanding”

After the speeches, the opening ribbon of Cube Beyoğlu was cut.

Speaking at the ribbon section, Varank stated that they gave their support without any political understanding and said that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality made a similar one with Bilkent Technopark.

Varank said, “We gave him our support as well. You know, from time to time, they go on the screens and say, ‘You are blocking us, you are not supporting us’, but it actually has nothing to do with it. We continue to give our support to whoever comes, no matter where the service to this country comes from. In this sense, one of them is and one of them operates in Ankara. Cube Beyoğlu, good luck to our district, our city, and Turkey.” used the phrases.

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