Geographical indication is defined as “a sign indicating the product identified with the region, area, region or country of origin in terms of a distinctive quality, reputation or other characteristics”. In this sense, food, agriculture, mining, handicrafts, industrial products can be subject to geographical indication registration.

Geographical indications, as an important marketing tool, have the potential to play a key role for a strong and sustainable rural development in Turkey.

There are 1344 registered geographical indications and traditional product names in Turkey, of which 1171 are within the scope of agricultural and food products.

Within the scope of the awareness activities of the Ministry, information and promotion activities on registered geographical indications are carried out. By organizing events covering 81 provinces, by emphasizing the geographical area and regional development, the Ministry contributes to activating the geographical indication potential of the relevant region.

International activities in registration

Short films and posters prepared for Milas olive oil, Bayramiç white, Taşköprü garlic, Giresun plump hazelnut and Antakya künefe, registered with the European Union (EU), started to be used to raise awareness.

It is planned to carry out promotional activities in the EU at the stage of announcement and in case other products pending application are also registered. Prepared posters and brochures are used in the activities of the Ministry in order to raise awareness.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible for the official controls of the registered geographical indications related to agricultural and food products in accordance with the Law No. 5996 on Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food and Feed. While emphasizing the importance of EU registration in all awareness activities carried out by the Ministry, information is given on the application process within this scope.

In addition, studies are carried out on issues such as the increase in the number of geographical indications registered with the EU, the added value of products with geographical indications or with potential in this sense, and their export potential.

2 TAIEX workshops and 1 expert mission were held within the scope of the EU Commission Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Tool (TAIEX).

Within the scope of the “Strengthening Sustainable Food Systems with Geographical Indications Project” carried out by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in cooperation with Uzbekistan, a training was given to the officials of the Uzbekistan Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Justice, in which Turkey’s practices were explained.

In addition, cooperation studies are carried out with countries such as France, Italy and Portugal within the scope of international geographical indications.

Products according to the EU registration process

The number of products for which geographical indication applications have been made but not registered yet in Turkey has been determined as 713.

Products registered in the EU are as follows:

– Gaziantep baklava

– Aydın figs and chestnuts

– Malatya apricot

– Milas olive oil

– Bayramic white

– Taşköprü garlic

– Giresun plump hazelnut

– Antakya künefe.”

Products advertised for EU registration:

– Suruç pomegranate

– Edremit olive oil

– Gemlik olives

– Caglayancerit walnut.

Products pending application for EU registration:

– Afyon bacon and sausage

– pistachios

– Edremit Bay green scratch olive

– Kayseri ravioli and sausage

– Inegöl meatballs

– Maraş pastry, tarhana

– Milas olive oil

– Gaziantep Menengic coffee

– Your car garlic

– Tonya butter

– Aydın Memecik olive oil and olives

– Bursa candied chestnut, peach and black fig

– Kırkağaç melon

– Blacksmith’s jujube

– Amasya flower okra

– Hopa anchovy bread

– Safranbolu saffron

– Erzurum water pastry

– Manisa Sultani seedless grape and mesir paste

– Bingol honey

– Ezine cheese

– Rize tea

– Ayas tomato

– Kilis olive oil

– Silifke yogurt

– Urla artichoke

– Huyuk strawberry

– Isparta rose oil

– Tarsus Sarıulak olive

– Hatay Kaytaz pastry

– Osmaniye peanuts

– Ipsala rice

– Melli figs.

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