Mustafa Yılmaz, the head of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), evaluated the latest developments in the electric vehicle market.

Stating that the definition of “charging network operator” was included in the scope of the legislation for the first time in the world with the regulations made in the last year, Yılmaz said, “Thus, both the legal infrastructure has been created and the relevant legal entities have been licensed. All electric vehicle owners, legal persons holding a charging network operator license, parking lots, shopping malls. ‘s have the opportunity to receive this service from the charging networks they will create with the stations they will establish at many points such as gas stations.” he said.

Yılmaz stated that real persons or companies to operate a charging station may also have the opportunity to operate a charging station by obtaining certificates from licensed companies.

Pointing out that with this method, certified charging station operators will get rid of many cost-increasing items such as software, call center and payment infrastructure, Yılmaz said, “The licensee companies will serve all electric vehicle models at the charging stations to be established in Turkey and will reduce the charging service price per unit energy. will determine its price.” said.

Charging service points in Turkey exceeded 4 thousand

Yılmaz said that with the regulations and investments made for electric vehicles, the points that provide commercial charging services will increase.

Emphasizing that Turkey’s car Togg and all other electric vehicle users have taken the necessary steps to receive the highest quality service, Yılmaz said:

“Togg is the apple of our eye, our pride, but the interest of world automotive giants is also very important in terms of showing the development of the Turkish electric vehicle market. Tesla has obtained its license to establish a charging network under its own name. Many major automotive brands will be present in our market either by establishing partnerships or through distributors. Fuel oil A wide range of investors, including Turkey’s largest holdings, from distribution companies to automobile manufacturers, from electricity generation and supply companies to start-ups, took their place in the charging service market. These companies will provide new investments and employment opportunities. In such a short time. This interest is really proud. 898 of the electric vehicle charging points that provide charging service in Turkey are fast charging points and 3,600 of them are slow charging points. As of today, there are 4,498 charging points that provide commercial charging services for electric vehicles. 124 companies obtained licenses to set up charging stations across Turkey. Our infrastructure is ok. Our electric vehicle market is ready for the Turkish century.”

EMRA’s mobile charging application was activated

Yılmaz stated that the “Free Access Platform-Ş[email protected]” mobile application is available to users and said:

“This application is an up-to-date and secure mobile support application where the places where charging service is provided to electric vehicles can be viewed on the basis of sockets and stations. With the [email protected] application, all public charging stations of companies that have obtained a charging network operator license from EMRA can be viewed. With the station selection, the socket of the selected station and the reservation and availability information of each socket can be accessed. After the station selection, the service details regarding the payment methods on the basis of the charging station, and the current price and socket power information regarding the charging service are presented to the user after the socket selection. With this feature, the type and power of the charging stations belonging to the companies or the sockets belonging to the stations can be displayed. In addition to these, frequently asked questions, follow-up options for suggestions or problems by phone and message, and announcements are included in the application.

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