Mustafa Atayık, President of the Istanbul Chamber of Jewelers (IKO), gave information about the “IKO Price” application, which they implemented with the aim of tracking gold prices instantly on mobile.

Pointing out that prices are at the top of the discussions with customers, especially due to the high course of gold prices in jewelry stores, Atayık said:

“The customer goes to the jeweler mostly by looking at the gold prices on the economy, news channels and websites. Problems arise when the said price is not in the jewellery. However, it should be noted that the gram prices on the bottom of the television screens and in the most read parts of the sites are the raw material price of gold. The price given by the jeweler is the price that has been processed in our Mint and refineries, labor has been spent, and naturally, the workmanship is added.

As in every profession, wholesale and retail prices vary in jewellery. It should be noted that the prices published by different companies in the market may also be wholesale prices. For these reasons, as İKO, we offer our consumers and colleagues the non-binding prices for information purposes, in accordance with free market conditions, regarding the gold groups most preferred by consumers, in accordance with the 2nd paragraph of Article 6 of the Regulation on Labels, Tariffs and Price Lists. “

Stating that the constantly updated lists on the website of IKO are on the price screens in the jewelry stores and the instant changes in the prices on the screen with the developments in the stock markets have a positive effect on the trust between the consumer and the jeweler, Atayık said that as IKO, price-based discussions between the jewelers and the customers at informative prices in accordance with the free market conditions. He said they aim to eradicate it.

“The increase in the use of mobile phones necessitated a new study on price screens”

Mustafa Atayık said that the increase in the use of mobile phones with digitalization over time and the fact that many transactions can be done quickly and easily through these phones necessitate a new study on price screens.

Noting that the project, on which they have been working on its technological infrastructure for a long time and continuing the test phases, has finally been concluded, Atayık said:

“Now, our citizens can use the ‘IKO Price’ application free of charge from the App Store and Google Play on their mobile phones and follow the prices instantly. With the ‘IKO Price’ mobile application, our citizens can buy 2 ounces of gold, quarters, half, ornaments, 2 You can instantly see the prices of .5 gremse, 22 carat bracelet, 22 carat gram gold, 24 carat gold, bullion gold, 18 carat, 14 carat, full gold, silver, ounce silver, platinum ounce and palladium ounce. The price lists in the ‘İKO Price’ mobile application are retail sales prices for informational purposes in accordance with free market conditions, which are not binding by IKO. The sales prices of 14 and 18 carat products in the list vary according to workmanship.

In addition, in the İKO mobile application, the jewelery prices of the regions, districts and provinces where the citizen resides or resides are instantly reflected, just like in the weather. When it changes its location, the jewelery prices of the closest district and region are displayed on the screen. Thus, information disinformation, which has been the source of problems due to non-instantaneous prices received from different places, will be prevented.

Ataık also stated that if consumers want to see the prices of jewelers in other locations and districts, they can instantly view the prices by selecting other districts and districts through the application.

“After today, please follow the gold prices on the IKO Price application”

IKO President Atayık said that Price Screen and IKO Price Mobile Application will create the closest solution to the needs of the jewelery profession and will fulfill a function that observes the concept of “Showcase Putting Cost”, which will be established as a new concept in the sector’s professional literature according to regions.

Stating that there are differences between districts in Istanbul as well as in the provinces, the rent, employment and other input costs of jewelers’ stores differ, and these different costs are naturally reflected in the price lists in jewelry, as in every profession, and gave the following information about the practice:

“This application has the feature of being inclusive, with the definitions to be made on the basis of states, regions, provinces and districts of every country and country in the world, not only in Istanbul and Turkey, and the names of the jewelery chambers and associations in that province can be used. As a matter of fact, our IKO Price Screen is today It is actively used by approximately 2,000 jewelers in 32 districts in Istanbul and in Anatolia, Adıyaman, Afyon, Amasya, Ağrı, Bursa, Elazığ, Hakkari, Kars, Kütahya, Mardin, Osmaniye, Şanlıurfa, Bingöl, Kastamonu. It is increasing day by day. Consumers can see the prices of the location on their mobile screens. That is, the prices in the mobile application are the same as the prices in the store where the consumer enters. Our citizens can now use the IKO Price application for free, with peace of mind.

We believe that IKO Price mobile applications will end the price-based discussions between the jeweler and the citizen in the market. Here, we would like to make an important call to our news and economy channels through Anadolu Agency on behalf of the Turkish jewelry industry, which is the world leader in its field and consists of approximately 40 thousand businesses; After today, please follow the gold prices on the IKO Price application, which is the most important representative institution of the sector. If you do not buy the prices from us, it should be noted that the gram prices instantly displayed on the screens are the prices of unprocessed gold and raw materials.

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