According to the statement made by TAV Airports, international traffic at airports operated by TAV increased by 74 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

TAV Airports Chairman of the Executive Board Serkan Kaptan, whose views are included in the statement, stated that they witnessed the destruction caused by the earthquake with great sadness and said:

“Our Havaş and TGS teams, working at the airports in the region, continued to work with great devotion while fighting the destruction caused by the earthquake, on the other hand, to ensure that aid reaches. The destruction we are facing requires long-term and comprehensive support. TAV ​​Airports and its subsidiaries have suffered from It has provided and continues to provide cash and in-kind donations for those affected.”

Noting that they will do their best to help those left behind while mourning those who lost their lives, Kaptan said, “International travel demand continues to be strong. With the increasing demand, the international traffic at our airports in the first three months of the year increased by 74 percent in 2022 and 36 percent in 2019. In addition, Russian airline companies and travel agencies focused on Russia announced that they expect a 50 percent increase in the number of flights between Russia and Turkey in 2023. For these reasons, we continue to expect a very strong season in 2023.” made a statement.

The captain made the following comments:

“Last year, there was a significant growth in international cargo flights in Almaty. International passenger flights also accompany this growth this year. The growth of traffic in two different markets in Almaty is also reflected in the financial results. With the new terminal, which we expect to open in 2024, we will realize a significant increase in service quality and offer a wide range of retail options equipped with duty-free sales, private passenger lounge and food and beverage options to our passengers. .

After a very good quarter operationally, we increased our turnover by 68 percent and EBITDA by 34 percent. Our first quarter EBITDA of 44 million euros was also 17 percent higher than the EBITDA we achieved in the first quarter of 2019, which showed our pre-pandemic performance. In addition to the one-off earthquake tax, rising interest rates and increased financing expenses due to the appreciation of the euro were effective under EBITDA. The fact that these expenses were realized in the first quarter, which is normally the weakest quarter of the year, increased their impact on net profit and we closed the period with a loss of 45 million euros, but to better evaluate these results, all financial results from turnover to net profit were better than our expectations and for the remainder of the year they were quite strong. We have to say that we continue to wait for results.”

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