Turkish Statistical Institute announced the motor land vehicle statistics for March.

The number of vehicles registered to traffic increased by 75.9 percent in March compared to the previous month. In this period, the number of registered vehicles increased by 110.1 percent in motorcycles, 62.7 percent in automobiles, 59.9 percent in buses, 54 percent in pickup trucks, 50 percent in minibuses, 47.7 percent in trucks and 45.6 percent in tractors. Special-purpose vehicles, on the other hand, decreased by 12.2%.

Motorcycles accounted for 40.2 percent, automobiles 39.8 percent, pickup trucks 11,8 percent, tractors 4.8 percent, trucks 2.3 percent, trucks 0 percent of the vehicles registered to traffic in the month in question. Minibuses made up 6 percent, buses 0,4 percent and special purpose vehicles 0,1 percent.

The number of registered vehicles increased by 95.7 percent in March compared to the same month of the previous year. In this period, the number of vehicles registered to the traffic is 206.3 percent in motorcycles, 105 percent in minibuses, 71.2 percent in tractors, 70.8 percent in pickup trucks, 65.6 percent in special purpose vehicles, 53.1 percent in automobiles, 41.8 percent in trucks and buses. increased by 30 percent.

The total number of vehicles registered to traffic was 26 million 937 thousand 791 as of the end of March. Of the registered vehicles, 53.7% were automobiles, 16.1% were pickup trucks, 15.9% were motorcycles, 7.9% were tractors, 3.5% were trucks, and 1.8 were minibuses. 0.8 percent were buses and 0.3 percent special purpose vehicles.

Transferred vehicles

Of the 1 million 66 thousand 442 vehicles transferred, 69.1 percent were automobiles, 16.7 percent were pick-up trucks, 7.1 percent were motorcycles, 2.9 percent were tractors, 1.9 percent were trucks, and 1.9 percent were trucks. Minibuses made up 1.7 percent, buses 0.4 percent and special-purpose vehicles 0.2 percent.

In March, 76 thousand 351 cars were registered to the traffic. 17.9 percent of the cars registered to the traffic in the month in question were Fiat, 10.7 percent Renault, 8.2 percent Volkswagen, 7.1 percent Peugeot, 6.1 percent Hyundai, 5 percent. 6 Skoda, 5.1 percent Opel, 4.4 percent Dacia, 4.3 percent Toyota, 3.9 percent BMW, 3.6 percent Citroen, 3.1 percent. i Ford, 3 percent Audi, 2.5 percent Mercedes-Benz, 2.4 percent Honda, 2.4 percent Kia, 1.4 percent Volvo, 1.3 percent Cupra , 1.2 percent Seat, 1.2 percent Nissan and 4.6 percent other brands.

In the January-March period, 460 thousand 910 vehicles were registered to traffic.

In the January-March period, the number of vehicles registered to traffic increased by 91.8 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, and reached 460 thousand 910, while the number of vehicles whose registration was deleted from traffic decreased by 42.4 percent to 5 thousand 859. In this period, the total number of vehicles in traffic increased by 455 thousand 51.

Of the 204,666 cars registered in the aforementioned period, 66.6% were gasoline, 20.5 percent diesel, 8.5 percent hybrid, 2.4 percent electric and 2% LPG. . As of the end of March, 36.7 percent of the 14 million 475 thousand 191 cars registered to the traffic were diesel, 34.7 percent LPG, 27.2 percent gasoline, 1.1 percent hybrid and 0 percent. While 1 of them was electric, the rate of cars with unknown fuel type was 0.2 percent.

35.5 percent of 204 thousand 666 cars registered to traffic in the January-March period is 1300 or less, 24.2 percent is 1401-1500, 22.0 percent is 1301-1400, 8.6 percent is 1501-1600. 6.7 percent of them have engine cylinder volumes of 1601-2000, 0.7 percent of them have 2001 and above engine cylinder volumes.

During this period, 36.4 percent of the cars registered to the traffic were white, 30.4 percent gray, 11.3 percent blue, 8.2 percent black, 7.2 percent red, 3.1 percent. ‘i green, 2.1 percent orange, 0.7 percent brown and 0.5 percent yellow.

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