According to the data of the General Directorate of Mint and Stamp Printing, a great increase was recorded in the quarter gold production in January-February 2023.

The quarter production of Mint was 2 million 211 thousand 250 units in January, 2 million 243 thousand 580 units in February and 1 million 312 thousand 110 units in March.

Thus, quarter gold production, which was 1 million 546 thousand 960 units in the first quarter of last year, increased by 273 percent to 5 million 766 thousand 940 units in the same period of this year.

Quarter gold production was 824 thousand 110 units in January, 438 thousand 590 units in February and 284 thousand 260 units in March.

According to Mint data, quarterly gold production in the first quarter of this year and in the same period of last year is as follows:

Quarter (piece)



Fireplace 824,110 2,211,250
February 438,590 2,243,580
March 284.260 1,312,110
Total 1,546,960 5,766,940

Huge increase in total gold production

There was a “explosion” in the total gold production of the Mint in different weights and sizes this year.

In the first quarter of the year, a total of 9 million 888 thousand 350 units were produced. Thus, an increase of 408 percent was recorded in production compared to the same period of the previous year.

In the first quarter of 2022, the total gold production was 2 million 421 thousand 672 units.

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