According to the compilation of the Automotive Industry Association’s data, the total automotive production of the association member companies in January-March 2023 was recorded as 382 thousand 504 units, including tractors.

In this process, member companies with factories in Bursa produced OYAK Renault 72 thousand 94, TOFAŞ 60 thousand 943 and Karsan 97 vehicles.

With the production of 133,134 vehicles in the first quarter, Bursa’s contribution to Turkey’s total automotive production was 34.8 percent.

The average number of daily vehicles unloaded in Bursa was 1479.2.

Ford Otosan made the highest contribution to Turkey’s overall automotive production in the first three months of the year, with 112,891 vehicles. OYAK Renault took the second place with 72 thousand 94 vehicles, and Hyundai Assan took the third place with a production of 62 thousand 567 units.

Almost half of the vehicles produced in Bursa were exported.

259 thousand 57 of the vehicles produced in Turkey in the first quarter of the year were sent abroad.

61 thousand 684 units, corresponding to 46.33 percent of the vehicles produced in Bursa, which plays an important role in automotive exports as well as in production, were exported.

The city’s contribution to Turkey’s total vehicle exports was recorded as 23.81 percent.

In the January-March period, OYAK Renault in Bursa sold 48 thousand 272, TOFAŞ 13 thousand 343 and Karsan 69 vehicles. The city’s daily export average was 685.3.

In this process, Ford Otosan made the highest number of vehicle exports across the country with 83 thousand 649 as in production. Hyundai Assan sold 55 thousand 216 vehicles, Toyota 48 thousand 168 vehicles abroad.

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