The “Regulation on Amending the Ports Regulation”, prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette.

Accordingly, refueling ships of 1000 GT and less that berth to the ships at anchor or at the coastal facility for refueling or berth to the shore facility to take their cargo for refueling, including the stage cruises in the port areas with a guide stage cruise. The pilot will not have to take the captain.

The refueling ships between 1001 GT and 3000 GT and the refueling ships between 1001 GT and 5000 GT, whose main propulsion system is certified to be provided with alternative and environmentally friendly energy sources, must be carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Maritime Affairs, which has received vocational training. Provided that they are directed and managed by the captain, they will not be required to take a pilot and tugboat, including stage cruises and anchoring operations in port areas with a pilot stage cruise.

On the other hand, those who provide pilotage or tugboat services that do not comply with the specified provisions will be fined from 10 thousand liras to 3 million 312 thousand 913 liras in the absence of special legislation.

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