Within the scope of contracted livestock breeding by the IHC, an agreement was made with the producers last year, which includes around 18,500 male bovine animals.

In addition, a new phase was started in the “domestic and national production in agriculture” move with contracted livestock. Absolute profitability is offered to the producer thanks to the purchase guarantee in contracted breeding and the price policy according to the cost. With this model, it is aimed to ensure price stability and market regulation in red meat.

Thanks to contracted breeding, producers can plan production and secure the producer’s income.

In addition to the purchase price, the Ministry pays a productivity premium of 2.5 lira for livestock weighing between 201-250 kilograms, 3.5 lira for those weighing 251-300 kilograms, and 5 lira for those weighing 301 kilograms and above.

In the contracted breeding model, in which small and medium-sized family businesses come to the fore, contracts are signed with producers whose number of livestock is up to 200 heads. In this way, it is aimed to contribute to the increase in the number of livestock breeders in the form of family business.

In the contracted breeding model, the producers are provided with training services on animal health, welfare and nutrition in their own farms, and the profitability of the business is closely monitored through registration systems. Thus, both the producer and the consumer are protected.

Cutting prices are determined monthly

Producers can apply to combine directorates for contracted livestock breeding. The cost commission to be established under the coordination of the ESK determines the costs on a monthly basis. The slaughter price is calculated as the current contracted purchase price announced by the Institution at the date of slaughter of the animals.

The support payment is paid at the beginning of the following month by sending the icmals prepared by the IHC to the Ministry.

In addition, transportation, early and late cutting premiums can be given by the Institution. The breeder can sign a contract for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 200 animals in a year. The minimum carcass weight for the Ministry support payment was determined as 201 kilograms.

Slaughter can be done at the earliest 3 months, at the latest 12 months after the signing of the contract. The contract covers male bovine animals that are registered in the Animal Registration System (TÜRKVET) and are up to 36 months old at the time of slaughter.

As a technical consultancy service fee from the breeder, 100 liras per animal is charged in advance or to be set off during slaughter.

The contract is not transferable, the breeder can leave the contract voluntarily.

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