Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, pointed to the month of July by giving information on the salary increases in TRT Haber.

Bilgin said, “We will re-regulate it in July by calculating how much real loss the minimum wage earners have. said.

Re-arrangement of pensions

Minister Bilgin reminded that the minimum pension has been increased to 7 thousand 500 liras and stated that pensions will be rearranged.

“With the arrangement we will make in the coming days, we will make an arrangement that will satisfy the retirees who receive a monthly salary of more than 7 thousand 500 TL and whose salaries are at that level.”

Public worker raise talks

Vedat Bilgin announced that the collective negotiations with public workers are coming to an end:

“As the state, we will find the most appropriate solution by negotiating the demands of the workers’ and employers’ unions together. I can now say that it will take place at a level that will make our workers happy. I hope that the negotiations will be concluded next week.”

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