Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, attended the General Assembly of Memur-Sen.

In his speech here, Minister Bilgin said;

It is necessary to arrange 3600 additional indicators as the vested right of all employees who have reached the 1st degree. Our bill is ready.

We abolished the tax on minimum wage income. This is a structural arrangement, this is a historic step. When I brought this regulation to our President, he said, “Let’s not collect taxes from the minimum wage, this is unfair.” One of the very important issues we have resolved is that the rule of law was operated backwards while the social security reform was being carried out. The issue called EYT is a related issue. Nearly 5 million people were adversely affected. If the EYT issue was resolved, it was resolved with the will of our President, even though it had a heavy cost. If it had been another government, it would not have been resolved.

The USA is implementing a new Middle East policy. In other words, the westerners destroyed our geography, but they did not stop there. Now they aim to overthrow the republic. They want to establish terrorist states by cooperating with terrorist organizations. They are using PKK/PYD, DAESH. Türkiye punished one of the gang leaders on the spot, the enemies of Islam. The PKK is a herd of murderers who are paid by the US budget under the name of PYD in Syria. They were paid by the USA to attack Turkey. The so-called leadership of the killer horde is hiding in the US headquarters. What is Turkish intelligence doing when they stick their noses out? He turns them into subtitles on TV. So let’s not forget what we’re up against. The USA wants to neutralize Turkey from terrorist organizations such as PKK/PYD DEASH. Because if Turkey becomes ineffective, smashing Syria and Iran will be a very easy bite for them. This project is a recolonization project. This is one of the questions we will answer on May 14th. The Turkish nation, this people who have lived here for a thousand years, will put a stop to the recolonization of this Muslim geography.

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