Another good news for public employees is on the way. It is on the agenda to provide rent and compensation support to civil servants living in metropolitan areas.

In addition, it is stated that additional housing opportunities can be provided for professional groups such as teachers and police.

Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Lecturer Tarkan Zengin said, “The living conditions of public employees in metropolitan cities have become really difficult due to the increasing rent prices in the last period. Of course, both the cost of living and rent prices are effective all over Turkey.”

In the AK Party’s election manifesto, a separate heading was opened for the support to be given to public employees.

It was stated that studies will be carried out to improve the socio-economic conditions of public employees, especially in Istanbul. In this regard, regional livelihood indices will be taken into account.

So what are the suggestions?

Rich said, “There are various alternatives in the government circles that a rent support will be given, an additional support will be given to public employees under a compensation, especially in metropolitan cities, and steps will be taken in the construction of housing. support will be provided.”

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