Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez answered the questions of journalists about nuclear fuel and domestic natural gas after the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) First Nuclear Fuel Delivery Ceremony.

Noting that the fuels coming from Russia are currently stored in a safe place, Dönmez said, “We will need to place them in the inner cabin of the reactor for the reaction to start. At this stage, there are some tests, we have some processes related to the placement of the instruments. These will be finished within a year. Thus, Turkey’s first We will have produced electricity at the nuclear power plant in 1 year.” said.

Dönmez stated that after the first reactor at Akkuyu NPP, the other 3 reactors will be put into operation at intervals of one year, and used the following statements:

“Unfortunately, Turkey’s nuclear adventure started late, but we want to move forward fast. We started working on our second and third nuclear power plants after Akkuyu. We have a study in Sinop for the second power plant. The EIA report is complete. There are studies that need to be done, such as ground surveys. On the one hand, we are advancing. It is not yet clear with whom we will do it, but there are not many countries in the world that already have this technology. We will also meet with all the countries that do. We will move forward with whichever is appropriate in terms of our country’s interests.”

Noting that the nuclear power plant is accepted as green energy by some countries, Dönmez said, “Only 3 trucks of fresh nuclear fuel delivered by air is equivalent to more than 2 million tons of coal.” shared his knowledge.

Changes continue in the billing software of distribution companies for free natural gas

Dönmez also announced the details of the 1-month free natural gas that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had given the good news.

Stating that Turkey’s energy diversity has increased and the share of domestic resources is gradually increasing, Dönmez said that the best example of this is the 710 billion cubic meters of natural gas discovered in the Black Sea.

Reminding that the gas, which landed in the Black Sea in a record time, was burned on land by President Erdogan on April 20, Dönmez said, “You remember there, the good news of our President was given. The first of these was that natural gas was free in all residences for 1 month. The second was for 1 year in cooking. and the natural gas used in the hot water was free.” he said.

Providing information about the details of the process, Dönmez said, “We took action right after the holiday. The companies that distribute natural gas had to make a change in their billing software, now those software changes are continuing.” used the phrases.

Dönmez stated that as of April 24, there was no reading on the natural gas meters, and that even if it was done accidentally, the invoice would be canceled or the price refunded, and said:

“The invoice will be sent for this process. The usage amount and amount will be displayed on the invoice. However, ‘zero’ will be written in the payable part and will say, ‘We wish good luck to our Black Sea domestic gas to our nation.’ Then, the 25 cubic meters discount on kitchen usage for 11 months will be applied.

EMRA and related gas distribution company are in contact for those who use card meters

Pointing out that, especially in Ankara, natural gas consumption continues with a prepaid card in some residences, Dönmez said, “The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) and the related gas distribution company are in contact with it. Their reading-invoicing system is similar to other conventional metered systems. It’s a little different compared to the others, but don’t worry, those who use card meters will also benefit from free natural gas.” said.

Emphasizing that the works continued without slowing down after the burning of domestic gas on land, Dönmez said, “We have about 2-3 weeks of work left. It coincides with the first half of May. We will be delivering our domestic gas to the system in the coming days. BOTAŞ had completed the natural gas measurement station in that region long ago. . After the process is completed at Sakarya Gas Field Land Processing Facility, BOTAŞ is ready to give it directly to the national system.” used the phrases.

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