Başkentgaz made a statement regarding the decision, which was published on May 1 with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, regarding that the subscribers of residences, places of worship and cemevis supplying natural gas from distribution companies will not be charged for 1 month and the price equivalent to 25 cubic meters will be free for 1 year.

Accordingly, subscribers whose invoices were issued as a result of meter readings in the days before April 24 will benefit from the application during the reading period in May.

Invoices issued as a result of the meter reading on April 24 were cancelled. The amount paid to the subscribers who paid these bills before the last payment date was refunded via PTT.

Prepaid meters will also benefit from the application

According to the statement, Başkentgaz subscribers in the prepaid meter group will also benefit from the application like postpaid meter subscribers.

In this context, the period consumption will be determined by subtracting the index taken in the previous reading from the index in the first reading to be made on the residential, central residence (boiler), place of worship and cemevi meters, and natural gas as much as the periodic consumption amount will be loaded onto the cards of the subscribers free of charge at the first gas purchase.

25 cubic meters of natural gas free for one year

On the other hand, no fee will be charged for the 25 cubic meters of invoices to be accrued for monthly consumptions starting from the reading period after the first free invoice and until May 1, 2024.

For postpaid meters, the free portion of 25 cubic meters will be deducted from the invoice to be issued as a result of the reading, and for prepaid meters, gas will be charged to the card for 25 cubic meters of the consumption amount determined as a result of the reading.

The application will be valid for consumption amounts up to 25 cubic meters in the relevant month, consumption amounts below this amount will not be carried over to the next month.

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