According to the statement on the website of the Meat and Dairy Authority (ESK), the Authority will also supply red meat to butchers within the scope of measures to protect consumers.

Within the scope of the protocol signed by ESK General Manager Mustafa Kayhan and Turkish Butchers Federation President Osman Yardimci, meat will be supplied to butcher tradesmen who are members of the federation, and red meat will be sold to more consumers at affordable prices.

“We will continue to take measures to stabilize the price”

Kayhan, whose views are included in the statement, stated that they are working to stop the rise in red meat prices and to prevent speculative movements caused by the supply gap, “We will continue to take measures to stabilize the price of red meat.” used the phrase.

Application to be made

According to the written statement made by the Turkish Butchers Federation, carcass meat imported by the IHC and carcass meat obtained from live slaughter animals will be sold to butchers who are members of the federation, in places such as combines, slaughterhouses and warehouses, if the institution deems it appropriate. Applications can be made to the relevant combination directorates of the IHC by the butchers who are members of the federation and the active butchers. On days to be determined by the directorates, orders can be fulfilled if the import and stock status of the workplace is available.

With this protocol, where we aim to provide faster and more affordable meat products to the final consumer by reaching wider masses, we aimed to solve the situation where carcass meat reaches the consumer with high costs, especially in metropolitan cities. Reducing costs and accelerating sales will also regulate the unbalanced prices in the market. ” made its assessment.

Discounted red meat was also provided to the markets.

ESK had previously signed protocols with retail associations in Istanbul and Ankara, providing discounted red meat to member markets of these associations. ESK also provides discounted meat to Agricultural Credit Markets.

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