Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that he was happy for the company’s investment in the country, at the joint press conference held in Medicor Medical, Hungary’s first medical investment in Turkey, with the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Peter Szijjarto, after the tete-a-tete meetings and after the meetings between the delegations. told.

Stating that they have gained momentum in every field in the relations between the two countries with mutual high-level visits, established consultation mechanisms and investments, Varank said, “I would like to express my gratitude to the valuable officials of the Hungarian Medicor company, who showed their trust in the economic potential and political stability of our country with their investment. It is important and meaningful as it is the first Hungarian investment.” used the phrase.

Varank stated that with the reforms they made in 21 years, Turkey has become an attraction center that receives investment from the world, and emphasized that international companies see Turkey as a safe haven for many reasons, especially the breaks in the global supply chain.

“We are concerned about growing Turkey with value-added production”

Explaining that nearly 300 global companies, from R&D to design centers, product commercialization to production, and regional logistics activities, have moved their activities to Turkey, Varank said:

“We managed to attract 250 billion dollars of international direct investment during our 21-year rule. Thanks to our location at the intersection of Asia, Europe and Africa, we have the opportunity to easily access global markets. We implement a comprehensive incentive system to encourage and support private sector investments. Regional development in our incentive system, We prioritize strategic sectors and products. We have issued incentive certificates for more than 110 thousand investments, which envisage approximately 3 trillion TL of fixed investment and 4 million employment since 2003. We have included this investment in the medical sector, which is one of the priority areas, within the scope of our support.

Medicor will bring some of its production in Hungary to our country and export the products it produces to Central Asia, the Middle East and African countries as well as Turkey, providing added value to our country. We are concerned about growing Turkey with value-added production. For this, we will continue to support both our domestic companies and international companies to make new investments, and to further improve the investment environment in our country and make it attractive.”

“The target of 6 billion dollars of trade volume will be reached in a short time”

Varank stated that thanks to the close cooperation they have developed with the Hungarian government, they have increased their trade volume, which was only 356 million dollars in 2001, to over 3.5 billion dollars by increasing 10 times, and noted that the established cooperation mechanisms will continue to bear fruit in the next period.

Stating that with the steps to be taken, the target of 6 billion dollars of trade volume between the two countries will be reached in a short time, Varank said, “Hungary is our kin, our old friend and a strategic business partner. We have political, economic and cultural relations with a long history. In this respect, as Ministers, we We considered it our duty to make a positive contribution to these relations during our service in the perspective of cooperation. We acted accordingly. Turkey and Hungary show a strong will to further and deepen our relations. On the occasion of the 8th Term Meeting of the Turkey-Hungary Joint Economic Commission, in Budapest in January We took decisions to further strengthen our existing relations in many fields from mutual investments and contracting services to cooperation in third countries, from science and technology to green transformation, from energy to agriculture, from health to tourism. My dear friend Mr. Szijjarto personally took the initiative to solve many problems of the Turkish business world. delivered.” he said.

Stating that the relations between the two countries will continue to progress exponentially, Varank said that both Turkish investors’ investments in Hungary and Hungarian-origin companies’ investments in Turkey will increase in the coming period.

Stating that they will continue to invest in third countries as the two countries, Varank said, “We continue to take our steps in this regard. I wish that the investment of Medicor company in our country is an important turning point for the industry of the two countries, and I wish it to be beneficial. For this cooperation, especially Mr. Szijjarto. I express my gratitude to all Hungarian officials.” made its assessment.

Expressing that 2024 will be celebrated as the Year of Culture of Turkey-Hungary on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the friendship agreement between the countries, Varank emphasized that the relations, which have been in a stable upward trend for a long time, will continue without slowing down with new investments and projects.

“Our citizens started to take delivery of the vehicles in 7 cities and started to use them”

On the question of Togg’s delivery process, Varank noted:

“My dear friend and I just drove the car. We can say that his rating was 100 out of 100. Turkey’s car is a project that our citizens are proudly following, which creates great excitement in Turkey. ‘As of April, our vehicles will start to be delivered to our citizens who have placed 20,000 pre-orders.’ The company promised. As of the end of April, the vehicles in that 20 thousand slice began to be delivered. We received our office vehicles with our minister friends, we were using them. Our citizens also took delivery of these vehicles in 7 cities and started to use them. There is enthusiasm and excitement in the cities where the vehicles were delivered. “Our citizens are pleased that a pride has come to the market. It can be considered as a vehicle project, but this Turkey’s Car Project is one of the best examples of what Turkey can achieve when it is self-confident and supported.”

Noting that the Turkish automotive industry is one of the most important manufacturers in the world, also known in Europe, Varank stated that Turkey produces the most commercial vehicles in Europe at the moment.

“We brought together Turkish and Hungarian companies in the medical sector”

Minister Varank continued as follows:

“While there was such a strong automotive industry, Turkey could not have its own brand and vehicle, a domestic car. Turkey’s automobile project showed the whole world that we could achieve this under the leadership of our President. Our citizens had a 60-year dream. Since the Revolution, the Turkish people He wanted to have a brand of his own, and here our people experience this pride and excitement with Turkey’s automobile. They see on the streets what Turkish engineers and technicians can achieve when they want. We are happy and proud to have this excitement for our citizens. Today we tried the car with my dear friend (Szijjarto). a vehicle with technology that can respond to changing trends. ‘Is it sold in Hungary?’ I said, ‘It sells very well.’ We will continue this success story in different sectors and areas. We brought together Turkish and Hungarian companies in the medical sector. We held an evaluation meeting on which areas we can achieve the success we have achieved in Turkey’s automobile in the medical sector.​ If we believe, trust and continue our international cooperation, both Turkey and Hungary will come to the fore more as two important producer countries in their own regions.

After the joint press conference, Varank and Szijjarto opened the Medicor Investment Project.

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