According to the statement on the website of the IHC, the Authority will sell carcasses (including offal, leather and by-products) from 16 thousand live slaughtered bovine animals to companies operating in the red meat industry (deli meat production) until the end of the month.

While the sales price of the carcasses to be obtained from live slaughtered cattle is 90 TL per kilogram, excluding VAT, the details of the sale are stated in the text of the “Carcass Sales Procedures and Principles to be Obtained from Live Bovine Animals” published on the website of the Authority.

Applications will be made to the General Directorate of IHC until 17:00 tomorrow.

Firms that purchased carcasses from live bovine animals in the previous sale from the institution will apply by signing the application form and slaughter contract, and will not submit other documents specified in the sales procedures and principles. Companies applying for the first time will have to submit the documents specified in the sales procedures and principles in full.

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