At the opening, the BIST 100 index rose to 4,517.38 points, gaining 11.15 points and 0.17 percent compared to the previous close.

The banking index increased by 0.91 percent and the holding index increased by 0.11 percent. Among the sector indices, the most profitable banking sector was forest, paper and printing with 1.82 percent loss.

Moving in a downward trend yesterday, the BIST 100 index lost 2.42 percent and closed the day at 4,506.24 points.

Analysts said that global stock markets followed a negative course due to the increasing concerns about the banking sector before the monetary policy decisions of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to be announced today and Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s post-meeting guidance.

In the money markets, it is priced that the Bank will increase the policy rate by 25 basis points with a 90 percent probability and end its “hawk” policies.

Drawing attention to the importance of the guidance in the policy text and Powell’s statements, analysts noted that the clues for the next period are expected to increase the volatility in the markets.

On the other hand, after Halkbank’s statement on the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) yesterday, it was stated that the civil lawsuit filed by some customers against the bank in the USA for compensation demand was rejected by the US Southern New York District Court. The price of its shares started trading with more than 6 percent appreciation.

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